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Nuno Borges Captures Fall National Title

Mississippi State Tennis Star continues to shine.

2013 Australian Open - Day 1 Photo by Lucas Dawson/Getty Images

So while Saturday may have been a rough experience for Bulldog athletics; Sunday was a fantastic day to be a Bulldog as Nuno Borges, who was a semi-finalist at the National Championships this past spring, won the Oracle Intercollegiate Tennis Association National Fall Championship. NATTY TITLE. Borges, the tournament’s top seed, knocked off Wake Forest’s Petros Chrysochos in the final 7-5, 6-3.

Folks, this is a big deal. Nuno Borges could very well be the #1 ranked player in the country come the spring and will lead a very solid, veteran team who I expect to make some noise in the NCAA tennis world next year. In dual matches where there are 7 points available (1 doubles and 6 singles), it is huge to know that you have almost a guaranteed point from your top player. It’s also really mentally tough for other teams to see their best player get OWNED by our boy Nuno on matchday. For stats guys, the guy went 20-3 last year at the #1 position. This means every match he played the best player on each team and only lost THREE TIMES ALL YEAR.

The team will have a wealth of veteran players to help Nuno with Strahinja Rakic and Giovanni Oradani both competing at the Oracle event in the singles competition. Trevor Foshey and Niclas Braun were also competing in the doubles event. This was a tournament, which featured the best of the best around the country and we had 5 players playing in the event. This is really good. Expect big things this fall from the Racket Dawgs and Nuno Borges to bag possible another National Title.