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T-DAWG’s Winners

Week 11 Prognostications

Sights and Scenes from Mississippi State's Upset of #4 Texas A&M

We all knew it was possible to have an unexpected and horrifying loss happen that would destroy the direction our DAWGS have been working toward. We had been on a role and have major SEC West games dead ahead. If we weren’t focused on UMass it would cost us and it nearly did. The Minutemen are not the train wreck their record indicates though. They were ready for us, we underestimated them. The absolute most important fact though is this, WE WON. Yes, we battled and got punched in the face and gut, got knocked down more than once by an upstart we underestimated. Maybe, just maybe it was good for us as we are now in “BEAT BAMA WEEK”! By regrouping and getting up off the turf several times against a team we should have walked over maybe it proved to us as the Dawg Nation that we can respond and overcome and knowing this so clearly is a real plus for us this week as we face a team we almost always play well until they gut punch us and we fail to respond with the fight necessary to defeat clearly the highest quality team in the SEC year after year. You, me, us, THE DAWG NATION must believe with every ounce of our very being this week. We can do this, we WILL DO THIS!

TSUN got me again last week. I picked them to lose and they win, the week before I picked them to win and they gave it away. OK, Black Bears..I’m done with you. I got nothing else for you although well, we’ll see. Florida bite my rear too, what the heck is happening there. I talked to some UF alums that attended and the stories they told of players not giving a crap were unreal. All in all though I went 7-2 last week (65 - 21 for the season 76%). Now for week 11 and some Very, Very tough and key games. Let’s roll!

Arkansas @ LSU — Bret’s Razorbacks stayed out way too late last Friday night and sleep-grunted through most of the game last week nearly getting their eyes plucked out by some diseased roosters. Now they go down to Death Valley to try to outrun a pride of Bengal Tigers. Orgeron had his Bayou boys ready to hunt elephants last week but just couldn’t quite get the job done. Coach O has grumbled and growled in his rough graveled Cajun voice all week urging his boys onward and upward! If you look at Coach O’s and Bret Bielema’s pictures side by side you kind of wonder..could they be.....twins? Nah, Halloween is over. If you know Cajuns the way I do they don’t wake up early on a Saturday but they do wake up hungry. Pig is on the menu this week and you can count on Coach O and his Tigers to finally wake up licking their lips with Hogs running all around. Take a deep breath, can you smell roasting pig?

T-DAWG’s Winner: LSU 31 - 23

ULL @ TSUN — Mark Hudspeth brings his Rajin Cajuns to Oxfart looking to get above .500 on the year (4-4 now). TSUN is trying to milk every ounce of juice out of their season knowing no bowl game is ahead and darker days are probably about to dawn? Matt Luke seems to be as surprised as everyone else each week when he tries to predict which side of his bi-polar bears are going to show up. Jordan Ta’amu slings the ball around as well as his predecessor did and he’ll have to continue that because the bear cub defense is still on the way back from the Cal game six weeks ago. The TSUN rush defense only has 3 teams in all of college football worse than them. Even as bad as the Webels defense is Ta’amu will still be throwing and scoring this time next week.

T-DAWG’s Winner: TSUN 38 - 30

Florida @ South Carolina — Randy Shannon took over the reigns of the swamp lizards last week but when they arrived in Columbia, MO last week it seemed like his team? was dancing to a beat of their own. Shannon tried to spin the right beats for his thick scaled reptiles but it seemed like they were speaking different languages as they all walked towards a cold winter in Florida. Muschamp’s Cluckers had plenty of fight for the Georgia-bred Dawgs and took it late before laying one too many eggs between the hedges. Now though with swamp lizards making their way to Columbia, SC they are thinking an opportunity for adding more meat to their diet may be heading towards them because these lizards act like mere hatchlings. Coach Shannon will get to the after game presser and swear he has to get his compass fixed since they just took another skull dragging in Columbia again when they left last week. The smell is getting a little rancid in Gainesville.

T-DAWG’s Winner: South Carolina 35 - 13

Kentucky @ Vanderbilt — Coach Stoops brings his band of Wildcats southward to Nashville looking to get over their upset stomach after having to swallow a bitter defeat at the hands of TSUN last week when it seemed victory was assured. The Commodores squeaked out a win over a cousin of UK last week so they see this as just another whooping of more of the same. Coach Mason has been checking on possible vacation packages where he can sail his fleet to next month but the flagship may be mortally wounded now and rougher waters are ahead. Stoop’s Bluegrass band has about played all the happy songs they can this year with what is coming like a freight train.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Kentucky 28 - 24

New Mexico @ Texas A&M — The Lobos arrive in College Station with a 3 - 6 record. Kevin Sumlin saw all the treasure his Aggies had brought home stolen from their home after some nasty DAWGS and the Gus Bus whizzed through town in successive weekends. It is probably too late to make a difference in the future but Sumlin intends to make like the Green Lantern and take every ounce of alien flesh he can for sushi before sending the LoBos back to Czarnia.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Texas A&M 38 - 17

Tennessee @ Missouri — Old Butch is feeling like he has new life after the Volunteers literally fought off the pesky buzzards that invaded Neyland Stadium last week. Now they head to Missouri low on powder and shot. Coach Barry Odom has tried a myriad of techniques to make his Tigers believe they can climb mountains and slowly but surely they have been hypnotized to do things beyond their abilities. Tennessee is 123rd in rushing defense. Now that may improve this week because Drew Lock loves to sling it everywhere. Last week I predicted that Missouri couldn’t “Show-Me” a win, they did and this week Tennessee gets to see “Show-Me”.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Missouri 49 - 20

Georgia @ Auburn — Kirby Smart brings his Dawg Pound into Jordan-Hare Stadium ranked #1 or 2 depending on which poll you look at. They are assured of the SEC East division title so on one hand they could let up some but not so quick. Georgia has a legit shot to be a part of the playoffs this year so you can bet Kirby will be dispensing urgency and motivation at every moment. Strange things happen in this rivalry which goes back to 1892. Georgia has won the last three and holds the series edge 57 - 55 (8 ties). In 3 points games Auburn leads and in 3 to 7 point games Georgia leads. Malzahn should be safe but maybe not if his Plainsmen can’t win the last two SEC games with Georgia and Alabama. On the season to date Auburn is 19th in rushing “O” while UGA is 9th. Defensively Georgia is 5th against the run and Auburn is 25th. This game will be won by the front seven defensively and although I am so tempted to take Auburn (3 pt. underdog) Smart’s front seven are better. I think it will be close.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Georgia 28 - 24

Alabama @ Miss. State — The Crimson Tide has endured more injuries (some season ending) this year than in recent memory. Saban does a magnificent job adjusting and motivating as he reloads. This is Beat Bama Week in StarkVegas and although it doesn’t happen often (80 - 18 Bama) since 1896. It is sweet when we do nail them and it is time. It’s been ten years, we’re due. Make no mistake the Crimson Tide will be extremely hard to beat even when we get them in Starkville. The Crimson Tide has actually been struggling some when playing a real defense. LSU actually pushed Saban’s defense around and had 7 more total yards than Alabama did. You can slice and dice in a million different ways but when it comes down to which way you lean I have to believe this year is the best opportunity State has had in awhile. Win the turnover battle, run the ball for over 160 yards, score EVERY time in the red zone, don’t give up “BIG PLAYS” and we win. Believe it, stay committed to the whole game and just beat them.

Fitz needs two rushing and two passing TDs. Of course I know I’m sticking my neck out there but sometimes you just have to believe or you will never achieve. How sweet it will be but also know it isn’t make or break.

T-DAWG’s Winner: Mississippi State 28 - 24

See you at Davis Wade.........GO DAWGS!!!!!