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Some MSU fans still need to get over the fact that Scott Stricklin and Dan Mullen left

Basically, don’t be a doofus on the internet.

Have you ever spoken to a hunter or fisherman about their best catch? Well, more or less, depending on when you ask them and how many beers they’ve had, the details will vary. One day it’ll be a footlong bass. That next Saturday night when they’ve had a few too many at the local bar with a half broken jukebox that only plays Willie Nelson songs, that bass will have turned into a tarpon and you’re wondering how the hell a tarpon was found in a pond in Mississippi.

This same sort of concept happens on twitter from time to time too. Someone, for whatever reason, will tell a story that’s not exactly 100% true. Some do it for fame. Some do it for attention. Some do it to discredit others. I’m not exactly sure why, but apparently one particular Mississippi State fan wanted to share a “story.” And this particular Mississippi State fan decided to share a “story” that played on the existing anger and frustration that the overall fanbase has with former athletics director Scott Stricklin.

As Ethan Klein of h3h3 productions would say, it’s time to stop.

Tenor Gifs

I’m not entirely sure of the motives that “Bulldog Recruiting” had in this. If it’s to gain 15 minutes of fame or what, I’m not sure I could ever understand. But, they seemed incredibly interested in spreading a lie about Scott Stricklin in his return to Mississippi for Christmas.

You would think, that maybe, just maybe, accounts that have been guilty of spreading rumors before would have learned when they were busted before. But apparently that’s not the case.

A screenshot of a rumor that Bulldog Recruiting has previously propagated regarding a shooting scare that MSU had back in August 2015. None of the details in that since deleted tweet are correct.

Scott Stricklin, Dan Mullen, and every other former MSU employee that has left for Florida ultimately did what was best for them. They made a move that made sense for them personally and for their families. More than likely, that move was pretty difficult for them to make.

Ultimately, however, it’s a move that they made. And now, they may be coming back to Mississippi for the holidays, because that’s what human beings do.

If you see Dan Mullen, or any of the former coaching staff in Starkville, it really shouldn’t be surprising. It takes a while to move a family and sell a house. And if the Mullen family would like to have any sense of normalcy these holidays, it shouldn’t come as a shock that they would return to the house that they still own in a town that their kids have known for their entire lives. At least for one last Christmas.

Dan and Scott have moved on. It’s frustrating that they both left on the note that they did and in the manner that they did, yes. I understand.

However, if you are so bent up over the fact that they have left that you are willing to spread a rumor and/or be mad at them in person, it’s time to reevaluate some things as a human. Maybe step back and take a breather before tweeting a story that you either made up or someone told you and you have no clue if it’s even true.

I get making jokes and memes, those are fun and a significantly healthier way of dealing with frustrations of a coach and athletic director leaving. Deal with it in comedy. Don’t deal with it by spreading a lie.