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3 Christmas Presents for Mississippi State

photo by Beth Wynn / © Mississippi State University

Good morning Bulldog fans! I hope that you have opened up some presents, drank some egg-nog, and spent some quality time with family. Here at FWtCT we want to wish you a Merry Christmas by giving you 3 presents that Mississippi State received in the past few months.


It feels great to be going to a bowl game. Being between two era’s of coaches makes this bowl game rather strange and meaningless, but hey, at least the Bulldogs are playing in one... unlike some other team we know.

The #StateTeam18 Early Signing Period Class

This is one of the best Mississippi State classes we’ve seen in recent history. Mississippi State was missing wide receivers last year, and this is best wide receiver group that we’ve signed... maybe ever. To put icing on top of the cake, Mississippi State locked down QB Jalen Mayden out of Texas. This guy could come in and immediately have an impact on this team. No, he probably won’t get a chance to play for a few years, but he will make our other QB’s better by competing for the job.

Coach Joe Moorhead

Of all the presents, this one is the best of all. As soon as JOMO was hired, the entire Mississippi State fan base rallied around this man. He was greeted at the airport by a thousand MSU fans awaiting their new head coach. He has locked down a great Early Signing Period Class and has already built a great team of coaches on the sideline for next season. Speaking for many State fans, I cannot wait to see the new head coach standing on the sidelines while 61,337 MSU fans ring him into the 2018 season.

Merry Christmas Bulldog Fans!