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One Hail of a Year

A year in review for State Athletics

What a year. Buzzer beaters, blocked kicks, and coaches going out east. All in all, 2017 might go down as one of the best years in Mississippi State history. Filled with trophies, shattered records, and national relevance, it would be hard to argue against it. With 2017 ending, it is time to Wrap it in Maroon and White.


Record: 40-27

Run Down: Most experts did not expect too much from the Diamond Dawgs. And man did they make a mistake. Finishing 3rd in the West and making noise in the NCAA tournament was unexpected, but also a ton of fun. The bats were hotter than they have been in years, and Brent Rooker won a Triple Crown (Only second SEC player ever to do so). Coach Cannizaro will arguably be set up well next season. The future is very bright and will be even brighter in the New Dude.

Favorite Moment:

This was a toss up for me, because obviously you want to go with the Triple Crown... but the game against Southern Miss to advance was a special moment and a special game for me.


Record: 9-4

Rundown: This year was one of my favorite years, only second to “The Year of Dak”. We didn't get to 10 wins, no major awards, but we did see what this program is all about. The Coach Out East has left us, and arguably the future is as bright as it has ever been in Starkville. We contended against mighty Alabama for 3.99 quarters, smacked LSU, and won our bowl game against a Heisman winning QB (against all odds I might add). Next year could be one of the more special years in program history, followed by many more special years after that.

Favorite Moment:

This again was an incredibly hard choice. There was a blocked kick to win a bowl game at the end of last year’s season, there was Moor Cowbell, and there was a Fitzgerald injury. And the winner after great thought is the Fitzgerald injury. Why is an injury a favorite memory? It is really easy to understand. We saw exactly what this program was about. Not just football, or even athletics. We saw a top-tier, top class program, and you can see it in the picture above. This team has heart. The team rallied without their QB and never gave up in that game, and they even won him a trophy weeks later. Mississippi State is family. It’s a cowbell ringing, BBQ eating, maroon wearing family, and it showed after Fitz went down, on the field and on Twitter. I will always remember his injury as a special moment in 2017.

Men’s Basketball:

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 16-16

Rundown: 16-16 doesn’t look spectacular on paper. Compared to the years before... .500 is not bad at all. This year was a great foundation year for this team, which is currently 12-1. This team won an SEC Tourney game and that is miles greater than what has happened in recent memory. This program is on level ground for the first time in recent years and can make a lot of noise this year and in years to come. Howland has recruited magically and continues to do so. Once again, another team to watch in the next two seasons.

Favorite Moment:

This one was fairly easy. Not a ton of wow moments, but the biggest standout victory is the thrashing of LSU in the SEC Tourney. It was miles better than anything seen this year.

Women’s Basketball:

NCAA Womens Basketball: Mississippi St. at Tennessee Saul Young-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 34-5

Rundown: Wow. Wow. And more wow. If only words could describe what this season was. Not just the regular season, or the SEC tournament... we went to the Championship Game. David slayed Goliath. Mississippi State WBB was put on the national map permanently. This year it has continued. The Lady Bulldogs are 15-0 after their victory over the Georgia Lady Bulldogs tonight. There isn't much that will slow this team down. I cannot wait until March. I am a very avid fan of this team and Coach Shaefer. This is a special team, and one of my favorite Bulldog teams in any sport.

Favorite Moment:

Is this even up for debate? See for yourself.

‘Nough said. To this day, I still get chills. Favorite memory in sports history.


Lastly, I want to give a shout out to Nuno Borges on an incredible Tennis season for the Dawgs as well. But man... what a year. 2017, as I mentioned before, could be one of the most successful years all-around in the history of the University. If you follow closely enough though, you know 2018 could be full of magic. Every sport arguably has a higher ceiling in 2018, and that could make this New Year even more special. As 2017 comes to a close, For Whom the Cowbell Tolls wishes you the best in 2018 and we cannot wait to ring in 2018. We hope 2018 brings in more success, more belief, and Moor Cowbell. It’s time to Wrap 2017 in Maroon and White.