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Aaron Odom, D.D. Bowie Announcement Live Stream

Watch MSU targets Aaron Odom and D.D. Bowie announce their decisions here

4-star WR/CB D.D. Bowie
Student Sports

National Signing Day 2017 is heating up and so far, things are going well for Mississippi State. In the first of several day-of announcements, the Bulldogs picked up a huge commitment from 4-star Starkville linebacker Willie Gay.

With Gay and a host of other Bulldogs in the boat, MSU now collectively turns its attention to two other targets of interest: 3/4-star DE Aaron Odom (announcing at 11:45), and 4-star WR D.D. Bowie (announcing at noon).

Odom was a long time Bulldog commitment that recently made the switch to Louisville and former MSU DC Peter Sirmon. After he made the switch, Odom has continued to talk with MSU coaches, players and recruits, and kept his official visit several weeks ago to Starkville. Many feel he is a good bet to rejoin the Bulldog class of 2017 today.

As for Bowie, the ultra-talented athlete from Morton has been a long time Ole Miss commit that MSU recently entered the scene for. D.D. visited MSU two weekends ago, and since then, things looked as if they could swing in State’s favor. It now appears that Bowie will stick with his longtime commitment, but this is recruiting, so who ultimately knows what will happen.

Either way, you can watch both players make their announcements via the live feed below.

Best of luck to both these young men, regardless of what schools they choose today.