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Little Big Town is a Band of Mississippi State Softball Fans, Apparently

Like the rest of us, Little Big Town loves Mississippi State softball.

Capital One Orange Bowl - Mississippi State v Georgia Tech Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

Mississippi State’s softball season got off to a great start last night, with two shutout wins. And tons of people were excited about the wins. Tons of people took to twitter and congratulated the Bulldogs on the wins. Including, of all people, Little Big Town.

This isn’t the first time that Little Big Town has been associated with Mississippi State in some capacity. They played at the Orange Bowl after the 2014 football season and apparently took over the MSU athletic department snapchat account.

But I’m not sure what exactly the connection here is and why they specifically mentioned Taylor Kelly. It could be something similar to the connection between Brent Rooker and Drew Holcomb that led to Holcomb giving a shoutout to State after MSU beat Vandy in baseball last season.

Or it could be something completely different entirely. I honestly have no clue. Regardless, it’s cool to see State’s softball team get some attention from a high profile name. I mean, I’m confused because this is not something that I expected to see or try to investigate (I did a google and wikipedia search) but it’s definitely cool. It’s not everyday that a college softball team gets recognition from well known names like Little Big Town.