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Ole Miss Fans Allegedly Threw Beer at MSU’s Bus, Shrimp at MSU Women’s Basketball Team

Morgan William

The Egg Bowl rivalry is an intense one that can often get out of hand, and it might have done just that tonight. According to tweets by Blair Schaefer, a guard for the Mississippi State women’s basketball team, things were carried too far by Ole Miss fans tonight.

In the first tweet, that was eventually deleted, Schaefer alleges that Ole Miss fans threw beer at Mississippi State’s bus while they were in the Square to buy ice cream.

If true, that’s bad. It’s an asinine move by individuals that either can’t differentiate actions appropriate in a rivalry and vandalism. From there, Ole Miss fans apparently took it even further and threw shrimp at the student athletes.

Again, this hasn’t been verified in any official manner, and the first tweet was deleted. It’s possible that this didn’t actually occur, but I have no reason to believe that Blair Schaefer is making this up. This very well could have happened in the manner that Schaefer states. If something comes out validating it, or disproving it, this article will be updated.