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Mississippi State Announces Opening Weekend Pitching Rotation

Kelly Price: @HailStatePics

We’re one day away from Mississippi State baseball and we finally know which pitchers will be starting for the Bulldogs. Well, 34 of our starting pitchers. So far, it looks like Justin Strawn’s predictions have turned out pretty well.

Konnor Pilkington will get the first start for the Bulldogs after a bit of a breakout season a year ago. The left handed sophomore had a strong performance in the Cape Cod League as well and will look to carry over his successes into this year.

Peyton Plumlee will follow Pilkington, pitching on Saturday afternoon. Plumlee is a sophomore that transferred from Northwest Community College that had a 6-2 record as a freshman where he struck out 53 batters in 55 innings pitched. Plumlee’s ERA was a bit high at 5.89, but he showed improvements over the summer and obviously did enough to get the starting job here.

After that, our good friend TBA has returned to get a start. It’s good to see a familiar face in the lineup.

Ryan Cyr is getting the fourth start of the weekend. Cyr didn’t pitch a ton last year, but he was great when he did take the mound. His 1.04 ERA in 17.2 innings pitched is a small sample size, but hopefully he can show that same skill in the Sunday start against Texas Tech.