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Mississippi State Softball Spends Morning by Teaching Softball to Kids in Puerto Vallarta

The Mississippi State softball team spent their morning giving back and serving others in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Kelly Price/

Vann Stuedeman and the Mississippi State softball team are currently in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the Puerto Vallarta College Challenge. The Bulldogs are 2-1 in the challenge so far, with wins over Fresno State and Texas Tech and then a loss to Cal State Fullerton.

They’ve got one more game before they come back to Starkville, but before that, Studeman and her team got some community service in. You see, the Mississippi State softball team loves softball (understandably so) and they want to help encourage others that love softball too.

So to effectively do that, the Mississippi State softball team spent their morning working with youths in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and taught them the game that they love.

They even apparently took enough cowbells for the kids to learn how to ring cowbells. Because that’s not just an important softball skill, that’s an important life skill.

The Bulldogs went through drills and gave the kids opportunities to improve their fielding and their batting and assistant coach Samantha Ricketts may not have enjoyed the latter as much.

Mississippi State will face Florida Gulf Coast at 2:30 today.