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Ole Miss Fans are #MadOnline Because of the NCAA and Are Bashing MSU Players on Twitter For it

Hooooo BOY! Ole Miss fans are mad! But they’re also dumb. Because they’ve taken to hoping for career ending injuries for college athletes they don’t know.

Mississippi State v Mississippi Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Ole Miss fans are mad right now. Understandably so, their program is under heavy scrutiny because they got caught for cheating. Hugh Freeze denies this, which is also understandable. But, another NOA was released and Freeze has been accused of lack of institutional control.

Things are not going well for the folks up in Oxford right now. And Ole Miss fans are heated because of it. But, as everyone associated with Egg Bowl Twitter knows, there’s going to be fans that will take it too far. And many Ole Miss fans are right now.

You see, they’re not just mad. They’re also mad and tweeting at Mississippi State players. It’s typically never a good idea to tweet when you’re mad. It’s generally an even worse idea when you tweet at college athletes when you’re mad. So, here’s a group of dumb, irresponsible tweeters that have taken to tweeting some not so friendly things at MSU players.

Coach McGee is a high school teacher, by the way. A high school football coach too. Willie Gay is currently a high schooler. The same age as players McGee coaches.

cdub is either a father of those two kids or those two kids run that twitter account. Given the emotional maturity level that we’re seeing from the tweet, it’s possible that the latter is true.

Jeffery Simmons seems to be handling idiots online fairly well.

Delta Reb, like many others, is grumpy and hoping for a sort of karma for Leo Lewis. She is also a grown woman that takes football too seriously and is #madonline.

RebelSportsTalk and Melomom1 (no, she isn’t Carmelo Anthony’s mom, so her twitter handle is a lie) are both very bitter about a young college athlete and apparently are okay with a bounty system and having his career ruined. These folks are, of course, very mature and respectable individuals.

So, Ole Miss fans, stay mad. Be angry that your football program was busted for cheating. Be angry that it’s very likely that Hugh Freeze won’t be your football coach any longer, because he was bad at discretely cheating. But don’t be so damn immature. Or do be so damn immature. It’s your prerogative. Just know that you’re being pretty damn immature.

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