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Watch: Alexis Silkwood Sets Mississippi State Record with 474 Strikeouts

Alexis Silkwood is making history for the Maroon and White

Alexis Silkwood

Alexis Silkwood will certainly go down as one of the best to ever play softball for Mississippi State. She’s had a phenomenal career and has performed well since she stepped foot in Starkville as a freshman.

Today, she set history.

Silkwood is making an assault on the Mississippi State record books and has been climbing up the records for the past few years.

Today, she set a new record for strikeouts.

With nobody on in the 4th inning against the University of North Florida, Alexis Silkwood struck out her 474th better, setting a new record for Mississippi State.

Silkwood is one of the best to ever play in Starkville and if she continues at this pace, her senior year will be a special one. Congrats, Alexis.