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To Be Announced: Episode 1

The newest addition to the FWtCT Podcast Network that doesn’t have a name! (Please help us, we’re struggling)

Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

In Episode 1 of TBA, you'll meet the two hosts of the newest podcast on the internet, Evan Ertel and Jack Webb. Also in the premier episode of TBA, we explore the new world of podcasting, preview the future of the show, and talk A LOT of SEC Baseball. There also might be some brief discussion of current events but you'll have to listen to find out. Leave us a review in the comments and please share us with your friends!

Also, please give us show name ideas, we’re extremely uncreative. If we choose yours, you can be the first guest on our show! Get in on the ground floor while you can, folks.

Follow us on Twitter at @eertel904 and @jackwebb141.