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Bad Tweeting: Washington Bookstore Sends Congratulatory Tweet to Huskies AFTER their Loss to Mississippi State

Scheduling certain types of tweets is not a smart idea.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs Women's Basketball team won its Sweet 16 game over the Washington Huskies behind a dominant 4th quarter from Sophomore Center Teaira McCowan. The Bulldogs will play Baylor on Sunday for the right to advance to the Final Four.

But somehow, about 3 12 hours after the game was over, a Seattle bookstore tweeted this out.

Now, how does this happen? The obvious answer is it was a scheduled tweet. It was tweeted at exactly midnight here in Mississippi.

But why schedule that? The game was going to be over at no worse than 7:00 p.m. in Washington. Why not just make sure the team has won first before scheduling that tweet?

I looked through their Twitter account and almost all of their tweets are right on the hour. I bet a significant portion of them are scheduled. Running a Twitter account by using almost exclusively scheduled tweets is bad Twittering.

What’s also bad Twittering is leaving a bad Tweet like this one up for nearly 11 hours up without deleting it. I included a picture assuming it will be deleted, but as of 10:45 a.m. the next day when I started writing this, it was still up.

Regardless, we all know who won the game. Still, pointing out things that are absurd is always fun. If the tweet is still up whenever you read this, I encourage you to send your funny GIFs and point out how bad this bookstore is at Twitter.

University Bookstore would do well to remember the sage advice of the hashtag #NeverTweet.