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Mississippi State Baseball Falls to Oregon in Pitcher’s Duel

Kelly Price/ @HailStatePics

The Bulldogs’ bats went cold last night as Mississippi State faced off against the Oregon Ducks in Eugene, Oregon.

Mississippi State really couldn’t get anything going at all offensively, but the pitching staff sure performed admirably on the road last night. Konnor Pilkington has had his share of struggles early on, but he threw 7 innings last night, striking out 7, and gave MSU a fighting chance against the Ducks.

But it was State’s lack of hitting, something that has not been a problem up until this point, that doomed the Bulldogs. State struck out 18 times in the game last night, 17 of which were dealt by David Peterson.

MSU would have two in scoring position in the 9th inning, but the Bulldogs failed to bring the runners home.

This of course has brought some hot taeks back to the world, and some folks are already looking to fire Andy Cannizaro, for some reason.


Of course, we’re only 10 games into a season where Cannizaro is still a first time head coach, so these sort of taeks are completely unreasonable. But that’s what the internet is for, completely unreasonable taeks.