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Chris Jones Advises NFL Combine Attendees On How To Keep Their Pants On

The former Mississippi State defensive end has some great words of wisdom for combine attendees on how to not lose their pants.

NFL: AFC Divisional-Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Jones was a very good defensive lineman for Mississippi State. He’s been a very good defensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs. One thing he was not very good at was keeping his pants on during the NFL combine last year.

He was not good at that at all.

And as a result, we’re talking about it a year later, because we’re hoping that sort of incident doesn’t happen again.

As it turns out, Chris Jones doesn’t want to see this sort of thing happen to anyone else, but he wouldn’t go back and change it if he could. He’d leave everything the same.

Chris Jones has surely handled this better than most would or could, so hats off to him.