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Conversing with Canoe

Ethan and Ladd are here to break down the end of the men’s basketball season.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament-Alabama vs Mississippi State Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Conversing with Canoe. This is a new weekly feature that will feature Ethan Lee and Chief Dragon Canoe talking about, well, whatever.

Ethan: Let's talk about shootyhoops. The basket sport is not fun

Chief Dragon Canoe: Do we have to?

Ethan: I mean, let's send the men's basketball season out and celebrate that the women's team is about to head into the tourney.

Do it for IJ

Canoe: And just like that, as mysteriously as he arrived, he was gone.

I will sincerely miss IJ, he gave short guys like me hope that I too could play basketball for a team who hasn't had a winning season since 2011-12

It's all about perspective

Ethan: He's a tough dude. Perimeter shooting was never the thing he excelled at and he had no issues about driving into the paint

Plus, there’s a mental toughness required to stick with a team that loses as much as MSU has. He was loyal in a sport where people transfer all the time. He probably could’ve gone to a smaller school that won more in it’s conference if he wanted to

Canoe: That's very admirable, and for that I'll always Give Thanks 4 IJ. Now we just need to figure out what this team needs to do to be successful moving forward. My first thought, win more games probs.

Ethan: Yeah. As we saw this season, this team can have its moments. They played some tough games against Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina. But they were inconsistent and, as we witnessed against Ole Miss, they couldn’t finish a game.

Some of those issues should be fixed with another offseason, but there were times where the team just didn’t seem to know who to give the ball to when they needed to score.

Canoe: I've heard it a million times, "the talent's there, it's just a young team". That's true and all, but at some point I thought they'd figure it out and show a lot more promise finishing out the season than this. The inconsistency just crushed us this year.

Ethan: From the outside looking in, it looks like chemistry has been an issue. At least on the floor. It’s gotta be difficult for several of the guys coming in and trying to learn how to play with each other and I’m sure things were tough for Q and Aric too. They were now the “older” guys on the team and were forced to be leaders.

Chemistry isn’t something you can fix overnight and it’s a class that I always hated.

Canoe: Yeah I'm not a science guy, I leave that stuff to guys like Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The chemistry just wasn't where it needed to be this season, and I'm hoping the offseason can help that. Maybe some team bonding exercises, like trust falls or running to Gettysburg like in Remember The Titans.

Ethan: Run from Starkville to Gettysburg?

I mean, sure, why not?

Canoe: Hey it's the offseason, they have plenty of time. If big Louie Lastik can do it, I know our bigs could do it too.

Ethan: Outside of building more chemistry, what do you see the biggest need being? I think its front court depth which has already technically been answered once Ado becomes eligible.

Yeesh. I’m struggling with “its” and “it’s” today.

Canoe: They don't teach you grammar in your environment classes? Welcome to 2017.

But I agree with you there. We have to get more depth down low IMO. I'm just not completely sold on Herard being the guy yet, and Aric Holman is a 6'10 guy who is shooting WAY too many threes in a game for my liking. I've heard nothing but good thing about Ado, so I have to assume he comes in next season and adds some much needed backup for our big guys.

I guess you could say he'd Ado much needed depth


I think Holman is playing out of position. He’d be better suited to play as a stretch four, where he gets to shoot threes and from the perimeter. Kinda like Ryan Anderson for the Houston Rockets.

Canoe: Can we please not make this a Houston Rocket thing.... I'm starting to think you're obsessed. Throw him in that position then, he's been made fun of for having "chicken legs" this season, so unless he bulks up I don't want him down low. He has had some sick blocked shots though, give thanks 4 swats.

Ethan: Give thanks for swats indeed.

But yeah, I think he’s too light to really make a huge difference down low. Seeing someone like Ado or Datcher there would make me more comfortable

Canoe: I haven't even seen Ado yet so as far as I'm concerned he's a unicorn wearing a top hat. I'll be happy when I finally know he's a real person.

Ethan: Ben Howland should draft a unicorn in a top hat

or Croot one

or whatever

Canoe: Did we just fix our attendance problem? That would certainly put butts in seats

Ethan: That’d make games FAR more entertaining

(I’m good with ending this article here. It’s probably a decent length as is)

Canoe: (Sounds good to me fam)

Ethan: (unless you want to add anything else)

Canoe: (One last time)

Give Thanks 4 Hoops