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Mississippi State Baseball and Softball shine during Super Bulldog Weekend

The Mississippi State stickball sports were very kind to us throughout Super Bulldog Weekend

Brent Rooker watches a baseball leave Dudy Noble Field after hitting a grand slam to take the lead against Kentucky. Kelly Price: @HailStatePics


Did you guys enjoy Super Bulldog Weekend 2017?

I sure did, and I wasn’t even there. I’m upset about that mostly because I wasn’t able to go to the art festival in the Cotton District and buy soaps and hand carved driftwood art off the street, but also because I wasn’t able to personally see our baseball and softball team grab huge series wins. The stickball sports were very kind to us this past weekend folks, so Give Thanks 4 Stickball. Also give thanks 4 being able to buy homemade soaps on the side of the street during SBW.

It’s been a rough stretch for the softball team ever since they started SEC play this season, and it seems to me that pretty much every team in the conference is highly ranked which of course doesn’t make things any easier for the Maroon and White.

This weekend the Dawgs hosted none other than the University of South Carolina, a school which I've quickly learned to hate (to find out my reason check out FWtCT’s best podcast Hail Dear ol’ Pod, new episodes every Wednesday), and in my opinion exercised some demons against a school that I feel like recently we just can’t get away from. The Bulldogs took two out of three games, winning the finale on Sunday to take the series.

This was their first SEC series win of the season and it could not have come against a better team than South Carolina. The softball team needed this win, Mississippi State University needed this win, THE WORLD NEEDED THIS WIN. DOWN WITH THE EVIL THAT IS SOUTH CAROLINA. I hate them.

The softball team will travel to Athens this weekend to see who’s the better Bulldog, and oh what do you know, GEORGIA’S ALSO RANKED. Hopefully our girls will be able to continue their recent success and steal the series from those other Bulldogs.

Hey guys, member how our baseball team wasn’t looking too hot at the beginning of the season? Member that Morehead State game? The La Tech game? Member being swept up in Fayetteville to open up conference play? I member, and if you’re at all like me, you probably felt like this season was gonna be a lot like the season of The Office after Michael Scott left Dunder Mifflin, AWFUL.

But guess what fam, we’re currently tied for first place in the SEC. NO WORST TO FIRST TO WORST FOR THIS BASEBALL TEAM. Can you believe that? Think about it. We are tied for first place. Look at pitching staff, or better yet look what’s left of it. Coach Cannizaro has been forced to put Jake Mangum, our All-American center fielder, as our Sunday starting pitcher. AND Cole Gordon? The guy made famous for that vicious mullet? He’s become a prominent player on the mound instead of first base and batting DH which is what he was doing at the start of the season. Too many pitchers have been injured this season (THANKS A LOT WES JOHNSON). Tommy John surgery has been said throughout this ball club FAR too much for my liking, and I for one never want to hear it again.

(I’m currently starting a UCL donation drive to make sure our pitchers will never go through this ordeal again, to donate call 1-800-IHATETJSURGERY)

do not call this number because i’m pretty sure it’s not real as I’ve just made it up

Our pitching is thin, it was a main concern of mine and many others once the Dawgs started playing the better teams in the conference (like Kentucky). The current state of things however is working, Konnor Pilkington is explaining to us wonderfully why his parents spelled his name with a K. The Bulldogs’ Friday night pitcher has been incredibly reliable so far this season. I’ve also been very pleased with the likes of Riley Self and Spencer Price coming in to close out games, and hey, Trey Jolly had a mighty fine showing against the Wildcats in Sunday’s rubber match. So even if the pitching is an issue, at the moment it’s working, and i’ll certainly give thanks 4 that.

Not to mention that Brent Rooker is quite possibly a person that was born on the same planet that Thor was. My point being that Rooker is not of this world. The level of play he’s on right now is just chronicles of ridiculous (crushed that movie reference). He’s the best player in the country, and if you disagree then you’re a nerd and I advise you to square up. Rooker and this team are just clicking on all cylinders currently.

This coming weekend your tied for first place Bulldog baseball team will play...

Checks schedule to see who the Bulldogs are playing next weekend

.......... you’ve got to be kidding me.

Mississippi State will travel to Columbia, SC to play the South Carolina Gamecocks. At this point it’s almost as if South Carolina just wants me to hate them, and good job by them because it’s working. Buckle up folks, this weekend’s series should be electric.

SBW gave us some great wins on the diamond, and both the softball and baseball team will look to continue that success this weekend.

Give Thanks 4 Stickball