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Mississippi State Softball and Baseball continue to win


MSU-USA Softball


Raise your hand if you had both our softball and baseball team going on the road this weekend and picking up big time series wins. Is your hand raised? If it is then technology is too powerful because technically a computer/iPhone/tablet just told you to raise your hand and you did it. This is how computers will quickly take over the human race.

HOWEVER, if you’re raising your hand because deep down in your heart you knew the Dawgs could keep last weekend’s successes rolling into this weekend, then I would consider you an optimist and I applaud you for keeping the faith.

[you may put your hands down now]

I believe a week or so ago I told you in written word that the SEC was one of the toughest conferences in all of college softball. That remains to be true, but our Lady Dawgs ain’t scared fam. I was hopeful that Mississippi State could travel to Athens and steal a series from the 19th ranked Georgia Bulldogs, and that’s exactly what they did. They took 2 out of 3 games, and OUR Bulldogs now have back to back SEC series wins and boy does that feel good to say.

Oh, and Caroline Seitz, ever heard of her? SHE HAD FOUR HOME RUNS THIS WEEKEND, TWO OF THEM BEING GRAND SLAMS. I didn’t realize we were competing in a home run derby this weekend, but I would like to congratulate the winner of the 2017 University of Georgia Home Run Derby, Caroline Seitz, it wasn’t even a competition.

Me: No one can hit better than Brent Rooker did last weekend against Kentucky

Caroline Seitz: Hold my beer

I mean come on, Seitz hit a grand slam Friday night, a grand slam Saturday, and then hit two bombs in the finale on Sunday to take the series for State. MARINATE ON THIS, Georgia had 13 runs the whole weekend, Seitz had 14 RBI’s. I’m not a numbers guy, but if ONE of your players batted in more runs than an ENTIRE TEAM SCORED IN A WEEKEND, i’m gonna go out on a limb and say that’s pretty good.

This softball team seems to be coming together at the right time, and I’m very excited to keep up with them going forward, and you should be too. Next up for our Bulldogs is a midweek game at Alcorn State, and then we’ll play host to the Arkansas Razorbacks this weekend.

Now on to baseball...

Guys, I won’t lie to you... I have no clue how we keep winning these series.

[ducks to avoid oncoming verbal abuse claiming I’m not True Maroon enough]

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the fact that we’ve taken four straight SEC series wins since the opening weekend of conference play, but given the fact that we lost 11 players to the draft at the end of last season, and our bullpen looks like one of those posters with the cat hanging on a wire by his two front paws with a caption saying “hang in there baby”, aren’t any of you guys as surprised as I am with this team’s current success?

I’m very surprised, but it’s a good surprised. It’s like when you reach into one of your pockets and find a 20 dollar bill you didn’t know you still had. You weren’t expecting it to be there, but it’s there and now you get to eat. And that’s exactly what the Diamond Dawgs continue to do, eat. Another weekend down, another weekend series win. This team has just become a pleasant surprise and I for one hope they keep surprising me week in and week out.

And if this team can beat the likes of Kentucky and South Carolina, both being teams people have picked to win the SEC this season, then I should probably stop acting so surprised when we win and start learning to accept that we may have something good going here. The only problem is that the Bulldog in me will always greet probable success in athletics with skepticism, but hey that’s just me being a realist, or maybe a pessimist. I should inform you that I did not have my hand raised at the beginning of this article.

But enough of me giving you the impression that I don’t think this baseball team is good. They are clearly good. Bad baseball teams don’t win three straight SEC series against ranked opponents, good teams do that. Mississippi State did that, so therefore Mississippi State is a good baseball team, that’s the impression that I get.

[please appreciate that Mighty Mighty Bosstones reference, I executed it to perfection]

The Diamond Dawgs’ next game will take place this Tuesday night against South Alabama in Mobile. They face a tough Jaguar team that we saw earlier in the year when every True Maroon fan was asking for Coach Cannizaro’s head, hopefully those folks have cooled off by now and trust Cannizaro this time around. The Bulldogs will then face off against the Alabama Crimson Tide in Starkville over the weekend, and play for a fifth straight SEC series win.

The Stickball sports have been very kind to us these last couple of weeks, so you and I should give thanks.

Give Thanks 4 Stickball