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Sky is blue, water is wet, Mississippi State Softball Wins

Bulldog Softball keeps rolling

Kelly Price/

I’ll eventually need to find something else to write about, and don’t worry, I can go off on a tangent on how one time I saw a ghost walking through the Drill Field one night when I was leaving Mitchell Memorial Library, but until that story is absolutely needed I will continue to write and inform you on how good our softball team is playing right now.

It’s been three straight weeks and all I’ve been able to write about is wins, but just like the Todd Snider song says, I can’t complain. (If you don’t know who Todd Snider pls look him up he’s great)

I won’t lie to you, I’m very new to the softball scene, but i’ll be quick to tell you that this team has already stolen my heart and I will go to war for these ladies. From Coach Vann Stuedeman’s positivity, to Assitant Coach Tyler Bratton’s passion, to the outfield trio of Kat Moore, Amanda Ivy and Olivia Golden’s dance-offs, this team is just fun to watch. I LOVE THIS SOFTBALL TEAM.

Need more evidence that this team is just a fun group of players? Here you go fam:

Some SICK choreography

Kat Moore just being smoove

Our outfield proving that the Dab will never die

This weekend’s series against Arkansas was a good one, it had a little bit of everything. Sarai Niu had TWO dingers on the weekend, one of which being the go ahead run to win the series on Monday night. I think a certain podcast under the FWtCT umbrella may give her a shout out and name her as this week’s Queen of the Ding, you’ll just have to tune in Wednesday when the new show drops to find out.

Amanda Ivy had one of the best web gems I think I've ever witnesed, and if you live under a rock I got you fam check this out

I don’t know about you guys but whenever I watch this gif, and I’ve watched it about 50 times, In my head I immediately start singing R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” as she jumps to catch the ball, and then I immediately stop singing when she flies into the wall. How great is that catch though? If yours truly had attempted what Ivy did there, I would be in a hospital right now with at least all of my bones broken. Shout out to Amanda Ivy for just being a beast.

Last night’s game also included zoo animals, because...... well zoo animals and softball games go hand in hand right? If they don’t they should because they showed a baby kangaroo named Captain (like the show Captain Kangaroo, yes) and it took everything I had to not get in my car and drive four hours to Starkville just so I could pet a kangaroo.

OH, and guess what else happened? One of the best softball players to ever wear the Maroon and White, Alexis Silkwood, was drafted by the Akron Racers, a professional softball team in the National Pro Fastpitch League.

So take all of that into account and like Ice Cube said, it was a good day. It was a good weekend. It’s been a good three weeks for this Bulldog Softball team. Three straight SEC series wins against some good opponents has me feeling all sorts of happy. If you haven’t had a chance to watch these ladies play, do yourself a favor and tune in. They’re infectious, they’re charismatic, they’re goofy, and the most important thing, they’re having fun.

Everyone was dancing throughout that game last night, heck I even saw Coach Stuedeman dancing on the third base line. I’m telling you all this team needs is their own version of a Bench Mobb and look out. Please don’t hurl people out of the dugout like the 2013 baseball team did though, I was afraid for Ross Mitchell’s life every time they did that.

Next up for the Softball team is a road series at Auburn. Auburn is one of the top teams not only in the SEC, but in the entire country. This will be no easy task for the Bulldogs, but nothing’s ever easy in the SEC. Mississippi State’s momentum from the past three series has me believing that taking 1 game out of 3 is certainly possible, and taking 1 out of 3 games on the road against a team like Auburn is nothing to be upset about. This is a team in Auburn that can make yet another CWS, so if our ladies walk away with one win in this series, i’ll be happy.

This softball team has passion, they have positive attitudes, and they have a lot of momentum going into the later part of the season.

They have stolen my heart, and hopefully they’ve stolen yours too.

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