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Mississippi State defeats #8 Kentucky to win the Series. Now Tied for 1st in the SEC.

Despite injuries, the Bulldogs are able to take down one of the best teams in the country during Super Bulldog Weekend.

Blake Williams

Brent Rooker is really good. The article could end here to recap the weekend.

But Mississippi State got the W thanks to offense and much needed pitching. Trey Jolly got the win on a Jake Mangum start. Spencer Price received the save. The pitching allowed 5, 6, and 6 runs on the weekend.

I think holding an opponent to 6 or less runs is a good goal for this pitching staff. Because Rooker and the offense have shown the ability to score a lot of runs. While Rooker was the story Saturday, Jake Mangum and Cody Brown both had a really good offensive day hitting 2/4 with 2 RBIS. Jake Mangum hit an impressive triple!(would show a video here but the SEC is dumb and does not want people to watch highlights of baseball).

Hunter Stovall really stepped up to the plate though. He went 23 and scored 3 times. Harrison Bragg himself had 3 RBIS on one hit.

Kentucky took a 4-1 lead in the top of the second. But the Bulldogs scored 3 runs a piece in the 6th and 7th to seal the victory.

Next up for Mississippi State, they will host Mississippi Valley State University Tuesday Night before going to Columbia, SC to avenge the Women’s Basketball National Title game. The Bulldogs are tied for 1st place in the South Eastern Conference while South Carolina is 2nd in the SEC East. Right now you would have to bet that Andy Cannizzaro and Brent Rooker are the favorites for SEC Coach of the Year and National Player of the Year. Not bad for a team that has had so much pitching losses. Enjoy Brent Rooker while you can. He’s a special player.