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I hate Auburn and so should you

Mississippi State Softball and Baseball were both defeated by the Auburn Tigers this past weekend


It finally happened folks. The SEC series winning streaks of both our softball and baseball teams ended this past weekend, and both were ended by the Auburn Tigers. What does this mean? Well i’ll tell you what it means...

I hate Auburn and so should you.

Now don’t get me wrong, both the Auburn softball and baseball team are very good this season. As a matter of fact they are both currently ranked in the top 10 of their respected sport.

(Extreme Stephen A. Smith voice): HOWEVER..... this does not change the fact that I hate them. They had the AUDACITY, the GALL, the NERVE to beat us in both sports. ON THE SAME WEEKEND.

Auburn has now reached a level of hatred that I thought I only had against TSUN and the South Carolina Women’s basketball team.

It takes a lot for me to hate someone or something. But when you do what Auburn did to our stickball sports this past weekend, it’s easy for me to declare you as an all time enemy from this day forward. Of course I never liked that school anyway so maybe it was just a matter of time before something they did pushed me from dislike to hate.

Softball was swept and baseball only took 1 out of 3. It happens, and if you thought both these teams would just continue winning series after series then I don’t know what kind of Kool-Aid you’re drinking but i’d like some. As stated above both Auburn softball and baseball are very good this season. I wrote last weekend how i’d be happy if our softball team took 1 game in their series, so this weekend’s result does not surprise me or upset me. Caroline Seitz and Olivia Golden were still able to hit some home runs and that’s a positive takeaway. One of the games Auburn won on a walk off grand slam so that’s just unfortunate.

All three games were close and competitive for the most part so don’t fret, this Bulldog softball team will be just fine. They’ll look to bounce back this next weekend back at home against Kentucky, and to answer your question, yes, they are ranked.

Baseball has just been one big surprise this season, and we all know it. They were swept by Arkansas the first week of conference play, and then they won five straight series after that. Coming into this weekend the Diamond Dawgs held sole position of first place in the entire SEC. After this weekend the Dawgs are back in a three way tie for first with Auburn and Kentucky.

(Sidenote: The coaches of these three teams have all come from the John Cohen coaching tree, and that’s pretty cool.)

This Auburn series was one that myself and a friend of mine thought could potentially be a slip up for the Bulldogs, of course seeing how banged up our roster has been this season and given the fact that the team just kept on winning, I felt like every series going forward could be a potential slip up.

That’s just what this weekend ended up being, a slip up. I’m gonna blame it on having to play another double header in back to back weekends, i’m not even sure if it was an issue, I just know I didn’t like it. The bullpen seemed to finally struggle, which you’d expect to happen given the shape it’s been in all season. All in all I think the team was due a weekend like this one. I’m just surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Just like the softball team though, I think the baseball team will be okay.

There are three series left in the regular season, two of which are on the road. The Bulldogs travel to College Station to play Texas A&M this weekend, and while this isn’t the same Aggie team that seemed to hit only home runs last season, it’s still not easy to walk into Blue Bell Park and grab a series win.

All in all this weekend wasn’t the greatest of results for our Dawgs on the Diamonds, but they’ll bounce back, and we’ll still support them. I’m just mad both series loses came at the hands of Auburn.

Everyone has someone they hate. Tom has Jerry, Michael Scott has Toby, and now after this weekend I have the Auburn Tigers.

Hey Auburn, I hate you.