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Hail Dear ol’ Pod: Live in the Left Field Lounge at Dudy Noble Field

Ladd and Jeremy bring you a special episode of Hail Dear ol’ Pod live at Dudy Noble Field


This past weekend was the season finale for the Diamond Dawgs at Dudy Noble Field, and the guys at Hail Dear ol’ Pod wanted to bring the fans something special, so here it is. Live from Left Field Lounge at Dudy Noble Field, Ladd and Jeremy, along with special guests Dowell Green and In the Dawghouse’s own Noah Mashburn, bring you what can only be described as controlled chaos. The guys discuss if Coach Cannizaro can beat up LSU’s Paul Mainieri. Segments include a “Mount Dawgmore” of their favorite Bulldog baseball players along with a new segment titled “Dawg Days of Summer”, where they recall their favorite Dudy Noble moments as fans. Wes Rea and Kim Mulkey also make a surprise guest appearance.