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Why I’m a Fan of the Mississippi State Bulldogs

The origin story of my love of the Bulldogs

Jak, Bully Mascot Kelly Price: @HailStatePics

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In October of 1999, I was born to a house divided between the Ole Miss Rebels and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. My dad had been A huge Rebel fan, and I mean huge! He could almost tell you anything you wanted to know, and my mom, she was a big Mississippi State fan. So when it came time for me to choose the side I would cheer for, I didn't really have a choice. So I pulled for the rebels, and man did I love them.

Fast forward 9 years when I attended my first College Football game. It was the 2009 MSU versus Florida. My sisters were attending a cheer clinic for the game so we got the tickets for free. Of course I wanted to go, Tim Tebow was going to be playing and man did I love him. So we make our way to Starkville. I remember walking into the stadium’s nosebleed section and finding our seats and begin to prepare for the game to start. This game was the game Johnthan Banks intercepted two of Tebow’s passes. Man was I excited to be there. We got the tickets for free, so they weren’t that great but I didn't care. We ended up losing the game but I had fallen in love.

My aunt and uncle lived about 10 minutes off campus so whenever I could I was in Starkville and on campus. I attended Super Bulldog Weekend countless times, I’ve been to plenty of fan days and loved every minute of it. My uncle knew people on campus so whenever I could I was at a game. I met Jack Cristil and got pictures made with him. I was in love with the campus, the people, everything really. If I could live on campus forever, I would. I'm a sophomore in high school currently but when I graduate you can bet I will apply to Mississippi State.

Yes, the sports teams may break my heart, but I don't care. The Dawgs are always considered an underdog, and sometimes I think that's why we compete so well. The teams I have watched over the years have taught me how to take winning and also handling losing. Dak Prescott continues to be a person I strive to be like everyday.

Why am I a State fan? The people, the campus, the town. It’s the best place to be on Saturday. That's why I'm a Mississippi State Bulldogs fan.

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