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Remember When Southern Miss Fans Thought that They Had the Best Team in Mississippi?

Before MSU takes on LSU in the Super Regional, let’s take a look at some USM taeks about how they had the best baseball team in Mississippi.

Kelly Price/MSU Athletics

Hi. It me, Ethan Lee, the self-proclaimed twitter archaeologist here at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls. It’s my self-appointed job to go and dig up old tweets that people have because I get bored from time to time. It’s fun to see what kind of taeks people have produced over the years, I know I have many hot taeks hiding in my 53,300+ tweets.

But, for this, we aren’t really going to have to do that much digging. All we’re doing is looking back a couple weeks or so. We’re going to be looking at all of those times that people said that Southern Miss had the best baseball team in the state of Mississippi.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

First, we’re going to look at the replied to the somewhat benign tweet by the Clarion-Ledger that got the Golden Eagle faithful all riled up. Here is the tweet in question:

Now let’s dive into some mad tweets:

This guy quickly blocked me once I pointed out that he was mad and also that USM was not the best baseball team in the state

This man didn’t know the difference between lead and lede. But it’s okay. That’s what the internet is for. We’re here to let you know when you used the wrong your or you’re or there or their or they’re. Because grammar is very important.

Also, pro-tip, if you go and correct an individual’s incorrect usage of “lead” when it should be “lede,” you will make the world a better place, according to Brandon Wheeland of

Oh, hey, here’s a Southern Miss alumnus calling State football irrelevant. Which, you know, makes tons of sense given how Southern Miss is a national powerhouse and is totally more relevant than Mississippi State.

Next, I stumbled upon this tweet from Hayley Shaver, and that brought me to a bunch of mad tweets.

Also, go check out my mans “@MSMan_USM” timeline. It’s full of fun too.

That’s been this week’s episode of “mad tweets.” Everybody has mad tweets from time to time. Including me. So, let’s all enjoy our mad tweets together and also enjoy the fact that the best baseball team in Mississippi is in a Super Regional right now.