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Neil Price Named the New Radio Voice for Football and Basketball

Following a 12 year career at the University of Kentucky for Women’s Basketball and Baseball, Price will take over the duties of Football and Basketball Radio over Jim Ellis who retired to focus on Baseball. Mississippi State Athletics

Neil Price will take over the Play by Play Duties of the recently retired Jim Ellis starting this season. In addition to his Play by Play duties for Football and Basketball, Price will be hosting “Dawg Talk” the weekly coaches call in show for both Football and Basketball. Price’s official title is “The Voice of the Bulldogs”. It is likely Price may also have roles with the SEC Network +.

The search was performed primarily by Learfield Sports, the Mississippi State Radio Network. Before his stint with the Wildcats, Price has also worked with Middle Tennessee State and Western Kentucky.

You can find radio samples of Price on his website. The website also details some of his broadcasting experience.

It looks like the Bulldogs got a Homerun hire in Price. He was beloved by Kentucky fans and he was a great supporter of UK Athletics while he was there. And not only is his delivery smooth, but he does his homework on the opponents. When Mississippi State played Kentucky in Women’s Basketball earlier this year, he knew a lot about Mississippi State and could name the connections between Mississippi State and Kentucky. And now Mississippi State has another connection to Kentucky in it’s Play by Play Radio Commentator.