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It’s Your Civic Duty to #RooktheVote

You only have one day to vote for Brent Rooker to win the Golden Spikes Award

Brent Rooker watches a baseball leave Dudy Noble Field after hitting a grand slam to take the lead against Kentucky. Kelly Price: @HailStatePics

Every year since 1978, USA Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association have awarded the Golden Spikes Award to the best amateur baseball player in the country. And in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, Brent Rooker was really, really good at baseball this year for the Bulldogs.

As much as I hate that fans are allowed to vote for something like this, it’s worth noting that you and I can help push Brent Rooker over the edge by voting at the Golden Spikes web page. And unlike those 1957 Cincinnati Reds, Rooker is actually deserving of recognition. Like, very deserving. No, but, seriously.

As of ten o’clock this morning, Brent was losing by 1% of the vote to Louisville’s Brendan McKay. McKay is just some chump who trailed behind Rooker in every major (and probably minor) hitting category while also accumulating 116 strikeouts and a 2.22 ERA in 13 starts (8-3 record) on the mound.

Unfortunately, we only have one more day to #RooktheVote, as voting for the Golden Spikes Award ends TOMORROW, June 23rd. Go vote and vote again. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO HOW MANY TIMES YOU CAN VOTE. So block off an hour or two of your evening and vote for Brent Rooker repeatedly. The website used for voting is: