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Baton Rouge Super Regional Game Times Announced

Bulldog fans wont have to deal with Watch ESPN this weekend.

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Mississippi State Baseball fans dealt with rain delays and sporadic streaming views on Watch ESPN to see the Bulldogs win the Hattiesburg Regional. We don’t yet know about the weather, but we do know Mississippi State Baseball fans won’t have to deal with Watch ESPN.

One of the ESPN affiliates will be showing the first two games of the Baton Rouge Super Regional. The Super Regional starts Saturday night. Both games will start at 8 p.m.

Game three is yet to be determined because we won’t know if it is even necessary until the completion of Sunday night’s game. It is a safe bet to assume this game would be on regular television as well.

It isn’t surprising ESPN elected to have this series in primetime. Mississippi State and LSU have two of the most loyal fan bases when it comes to college baseball. Getting a ratings boon for college baseball usually doesnt happen, but if it ever will, these two teams matched up in a Super Regional might make it work.