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Legendary Mississippi State Professor and Public Address Announcer Hank Flick has Passed Away

The former longtime Public Address Announcer was a legend as a teacher as well as a PA Announcer.

Retired Communications Professor Hank Flick passed away today at the age of 73. He was a legendary professor, but he was more than that to Mississippi State University.

Hank Flick served as the Public Address Announcer for football and basketball games until the end of the 2009 basketball season. While he was liked for his football PA duties by fans, it was his service as the basketball PA Announcer that made him adored by fans.

One of the few mistakes many Mississippi State fans will ever say Greg Byrne made in his time as the Athletic Director of Mississippi State was relieving Flick of those duties. Some would even argue that it isn’t a coincidence that the Bulldogs have yet to make it back to the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament since he was let go.

As much as he will be remembered for the calls of basketball and football games, students who attended his class will tell you he was just as much of a legend in the classroom as he was on the PA microphone. He touched the lives of thousands of students in his 45 year career at Mississippi State University.

Mississippi State lost a good man today. He will be missed by all who knew him and had the pleasure of sitting in his classroom or listening to him on the microphone at basketball and football games.