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SEC Media Days should be boring for Mississippi State and every fan should rejoice

SEC Media Days is all about the off field stories, and Mississippi State doesn’t have many as the 2018 season gets closer.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Day Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

If you choose to tune in to SEC Media Days when Mississippi State Head Coach Dan Mullen takes the podium (Mississippi State is last on the schedule on Tuesday) with Donald Gray, Martinas Rankin, and Dez Harris, don’t expect there to be too many fireworks. There’s no compelling story any of them can talk about when things get underway in Hoover.

And I couldn’t be happier.

Last year, Dan Mullen had to navigate the waters of the decision to suspend Jeffery Simmons one game and it didn’t go well. In 2018, he’ll have no such topic to tackle.

Now, there is the elephant in the room still sitting there. Leo Lewis and Kobe Jones are being sued by Rebel Rags for defamation because of their involvement in the NCAA investigation of Ole Miss. But Dan Mullen won’t answer questions about it. Reporters will do what they are supposed to do and ask the questions, but Mullen and none of the players present will comment.

So once the reporters in the room feel they have done their due diligence in asking about the lawsuit, they’ll move to other topics. Some of the topics that will likely come up will be any number of the following:

  • New defensive coordinator Todd Grantham
  • Nick Fitzgerald’s development as a passer
  • How Dan Mullen feels about being labeled as the second best coach in the SEC
  • The impact Dak Prescott’s success in the NFL has had on Mississippi State

There are plenty of others the Bulldogs might be asked about, but those are just a few. But since there are no juicy offseason topics to write about when Mississippi State is featured at SEC Media Days, look for very few stories to emerge about the Bulldogs.

And that’s as good as you could hope for when Media Days rolls around.