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LIVE BLOG: Updates of Mississippi State’s Session at SEC Media Days

Keeping you up to date on anything interesting that takes place when Mississippi State goes through their rounds at SEC Media Days.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Day Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports


About 20 minutes away from Dan Mullen taking the stage. In the mean time, we have a bingo card you can follow along with.

If you periodically refresh this page, I’ll have updates on all the important stuff.


Not newsworthy, but I share Cristilmethod’s sentiments here.


Greg Sankey is introducing Dan Mullen. And yes, Dan is wearing shoes that resemble Yeezys, so I’m sure there will be question about his shoes.


First thing Dan Mullen asks for is walk-up music to the podium. Always be you Dan.


Dan mentions he wants to keep the bowl streak alive and extend it to 8. Recognizes they made a bowl in a “unique way”.


Mullen mentions that there are only 30 combined starts among the offensive line, but there are four different offensive lineman who have started.


Dan says Donald Gray will compete with him for the best shoe game. This will likely be the most notable story today, and I’m okay with that.


The first thing Mullen mentions about lineup is Rankin is moving back to tackle and Elgton Jenkins is going to Center.

Opening remarks are over after 8 minutes.


The first question comes from the Kansas City Star and is about Texas A&M and Missouri joining the league.

Do better Kansas City Star.


Knoxville News Sentinel asks if winning the most games in 8 seasons in program history is as good as it gets at Mississippi State. Good grief, these questions are awful.


A radio station in Huntsville is the first to ask about Fitzgerald and what Mullen looks for when he recruits a quarterback. Mullen says the most important thing to him is to find the players who are good at doing things that are difficult to coach.


Chase Goodbread of asks about Dak Prescott and why so many teams missed on him. Took four questions to get a Dak Prescott question.


Mullen is asked about LSU and how close the games have been. The Bulldogs have increased the gap between themselves and LSU, but haven’t won much.


Fitzgerald is brought up again. A question is asked about Fitzgerald’s ability to “flush” bad games. Mullen talks about it being play by play.


Will Sammon mentions the receivers. Mullen says Fitzgerald has to be willing to make the non spectacular play. That will open up throws down the field and help the young receivers develop confidence.


Mullen is asked about advice he’d give Bielema on fatherhood. This is a nice moment hearing Dan talk about his family.

The same person asked about Nick Fitzgerald. Fitz has been the focal point so far for the Bulldogs.


Mullen is asked about if the success of Dak Prescott has opened up recruiting doors for quarterbacks. Mullen thinks it has, but it has also opened up doors to other players as well.


Big fan of this reporter and his Hawaiian shirt.


Mullen is done in the main room. No questions asked about the Rebel Rags lawsuit. I was surprised by this. Thought someone would ask. He still has sessions with radio and Internet media and could the questions then, but that’s all we’ll get for the time being on SEC Network.


About that Rebel Rags stuff. Will asked this in one of the other rooms.