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Buying Parking Permits from Mississippi State is Almost as Painful as Watching Mississippi State Lose

Trying to buy a parking permit online is a sport, I think. And since it’s a sport (I think) and this is a sports blog, I’m allowed to write about it, I think.

Mississippi State v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Buying parking permits is a great way to spend a morning, right? It’s a fun, enjoyable pastime that all Americans enjoy. Sitting around, waiting. And waiting. And waiting. So much fun? Right?


That’s not fun. My bad. I’m sorry. I was mistaken. Buying parking permits is a pain in the butt. Especially so when you’re trying to buy a parking permit when you’re half asleep and stumble upon this page.

Or when you’re trying to buy a permit and stumble upon this page too.

First, before anything else, can we acknowledge how awful this page is? There, in black and white, is a picture of traffic, which is perfectly awful. You want people to enjoy waiting in line online? What better way to do so than to show them a beautiful, artistic picture of everyone’s least favorite activity on this planet: sitting in traffic. Not even colorful, bright happy traffic. Dull, boring, monochrome traffic.

What. A. Joyful. Experience.

But, now let’s dive in to some of the problems that people are having. Such as the website not working. Which, that’s not very descriptive, but it’s a problem that people are experiencing and they tweeted about it so let’s go ahead and run with it, right?

People are getting kicked out of line once they get to zero, or close to zero.

Their phone lines are busy?

Either the lines are busy or the employees are hiding from angry millennials and their parents. But hey, that’s what twitter is for.

Like I said, angry millennials.

From what I can tell with everyone crawling into the mentions of @msuprkg_trnst (what an amazing twitter handle, by the way), it seems that very few people are actually making headway when it comes to buying a parking permit. I know for a fact that I haven’t budged in a while in my own quest to buy a parking permit.

For everyone else trying to buy a parking permit: my thoughts and prayers are with you. For the person tweeting for @msuprkg_trnst (there had to have been a better twitter handle, right?): my thoughts and prayers are with you too. For the actual employees of MSU Parking and Transit, my friend Noah summed it up best: