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Update for the Non Twitter Fans

Trying to keep everyone in the loop.

NBA: Golden State Warriors-Media Day Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure everyone has been able to tell that there is a Twitter thing going on. It’s great for those of us who enjoy Twitter, but I realize that won’t apply to everyone.

So if you’re one of those people, I wanted to let you know that it’s not that I don’t want to write anything else, I’m really hard pressed for time right now. My son is very involved in golf and there are tournaments all over the states of Mississippi and Tennessee he has been competing in. These Twitter brackets don’t take a lot of time, and they allow me to keep things posted on the site and still get him to and from his tournaments.

And many of our other writers are also tied up with other things as well. We’ll include some additional coverage of Media Days next week, and when I’m on vacation starting July 12th, the rest of the guys will get additional content as well.

We’ll be done with the Twitter tournament by the end of the month, and you should start seeing additional content before the month is up. Until then, for those of you who aren’t getting the same kind of enjoyment out of the Twitter bracket, hang in there. Once I get back from vacation, we’ll hit preseason football coverage pretty hard. And since it will be August, I won’t be in danger of suffering from burnout during that time.

But since today is 4th of July, let me wish you a Happy 4th of July and stay safe this holiday.