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What to make of the Dak Prescott machine signing controversy

If this controversy about Dak Prescott turns out to be true, how big of a deal will it be?

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Ever since Dak Prescott took the NFL by storm, there hasn’t been much to say about him off the field. This is a good thing especially when you’re the quarterback of the most recognizable franchise in the league.

Darren Rovell of ESPN reported today that Dak Prescott is accused of using a machine to sign cards used as memorabilia. This is the first real bit of controversy the former Mississippi State quarterback has been associated with.

But is it a big deal? To the people buying the cards, it is a big deal to them. A machine signing the card vastly affects the value of the memorabilia as opposed to Dak Prescott himself putting pen to card to sign it. So if you are one of the people that purchased one of these cards, I can see why it is a big deal to you.

But will it tarnish his credibility or his immense popularity in the NFL? It really doesn’t seem likely.

The NFL has had major issues with domestic violence, drug use, and other sorts of tawdry headlines. Am autograph machine signing cards in place of Dak Prescott seems like small potatoes that we won’t even remember a few days from now.

If it is true a machine signed these cards and Dak did not, I would expect Dak to make an apology and make restitution to anyone who feels they might have been wronged in the process. Dak Prescott has been a model citizen since he joined the Dallas Cowboys, and I don’t expect this incident to change any of that any time soon.