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Best Conspiracy Theories on why Mississippi State hasn’t released its Roster

Mississippi State has yet to release its roster and we asked our Twitter followers to come up with the best out-of-leftfield reasons they could come up with.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

If you would like to know all the players for the 2017 Mississippi State football team, you better be good at piecing things together based off of last year’s team, incoming freshmen and transfers, and redshirt freshmen who will be playing for the first time. As of this writing, the 2017 Mississippi State football roster on is listed as (will be posted soon).

Mississippi State isn’t the only school to not release a roster as of yet. Michigan has not either and a New Jersey based media company has submitted an FOIA to get said roster.

To be fair, Dan Mullen did comment on this Thursday night when he met with the media. Here is what Will Sammon reported last night.

And this was my immediate thought when I read that.

So I went on Twitter and asked for your best conspiracy theories on why Mississippi State hasn’t released a roster. You did not disappoint. I had originally planned to use all the responses we got, but there were so many that I decided to use the ones I liked the most.

The “I’m not sure if they were serious or I just missed the joke” Responses

These two responses seem pretty straightforward. Maybe I missed something.

The Scientology Responses

These are always good for a laugh.

Blaming Peter Sirmon

Peter Sirmon was bad at coordinating defenses. I’m perfectly okay with blaming him for this as well.

Poking fun at Ole Miss and their NCAA situation

This is always fun. And there was lots of fun had with these responses.

Transportation Issues

If you don’t live in Starkville or pay attention to those that do on social media, you might not be aware that Highway 12 is a mess. They also put up a bunch of new stop signs. This will be fun on gamedays (that’s sarcasm, just in case you weren’t sure).

Poking fun at the Clarion Ledger

Mississippi State fans enjoy taking shots at the Clarion Ledger as much as they enjoy taking shots at Ole Miss. We had a few of those.

Personal Favorites

As good as those were, these that came next were my personal favorites. They got audible laughs out of me.

And we’ll finish with Ethan keeping us here at FWtCT #OnBrand.