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The Wednesday Whatever: Mississippi State Football Is Almost Back!

College football has officially started and the Bulldogs are back in action this weekend

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports


First and foremost, let’s help Harvey victims. I’m from Houston and would greatly appreciate your help to, well, help others.

College football is almost here.

Well, for some people it is already here. Some fanbases already got to experience college football. It started this past weekend.

Aren’t they cool?

No, not really.

But we get to experience college football. It starts this weekend for us. And it’s not exactly starting off with an overwhelming opponent. Regardless, college football is college football. Everybody should rejoice at the simple fact that college football is back again.

And starting the season with a win is really all that matters, isn’t that right 2016 Mississippi State?

“Of course! Why would you even ask such a thing?” 2016 Mississippi State replied, anxious and obviously uncomfortable at the question.

Let’s talk about expectations for 2017:

All sorts of people have all sorts of expectations for 2017. There’s going to be all sorts of hot taeks and comparisons because, well, internets. I’ve spoken to Mississippi State fans that, for some reason, expect us to go 10-2. I’ve spoken to Mississippi State fans that, for some reason, expect us to go 6-6. And I’m somewhere in the middle.

Literally, I predicted that the Bulldogs would go 8-4 on the last episode of For Whom the Podcast Tolls. Daniel Black and I both think MSU gets to 8 wins, and it’s largely due to a surge in the second half of the season.

Before the bye week, through the first 5 games of the year, I expect MSU to find itself at 2-3. Wins over Charleston Southern and Louisiana Tech and then losses to LSU, Georgia, and Auburn.

Could they find a win in those three games? Yeah, that’s super possible. Could they theoretically win all three games? I mean, maybe? Probably not though.

From there, MSU gets BYU, Kentucky, at A&M, UMass, Alabama, at Arkansas, and then the Egg Bowl (which is probably going to be super hostile, because it’s the Egg Bowl). MSU should be able to go 7-1 in that stretch. Could they go 6-2? I mean, yeah, that’s probably super likely too.

In total, I think the Bulldogs go 8-4. Could they go 7-5 or 9-3? Yeah, totally. Those are both viable possibilities. It likely depends on the play of Nick Fitzgerald given how Dan Mullen’s offense is structured. Well, that and how the entirety of the team plays. The defense and the rest of the offense and the special teams are all pretty important. But, Dan Mullen offenses are built around quarterbacks. So, Fitz will need to play well.

And I think anywhere from 7-5 to 9-3 are realistic expectations. Anything less would be a disappointment. Anything more would be fantastic and, well, historic for this football program.

Mississippi State probably has a pretty nice year coming up in 2017, as long as our expectations are all somewhat realistic.

Which three would you pick?

Here’s a list of things that people use all the time. You can only pick three for the rest of your life. Let’s walk through and get rid of stuff that’s probably not really essential.

Unessential removal wave number one:

  • Facebook/Instagram- just hot taeks and obnoxious selfies. Nobody really needs this in their lives.
  • Starbucks- coffee is gross, hot bean water. You can get caffeine from other sources. Nobody really needs this in their lives.
  • Netflix- Hulu and youtube and other streaming options exist. Nobody really needs this in their lives

That’s the first group of things we’re removing. Let’s move on to unessential removal wave number two, things that’ll be difficult to remove:

  • Uber/lyft- we just got Uber in Starkville. I don’t want to lose it now. But I can get by without them.
  • Walmart- Walmart runs at 1 am are kinda fun, in an existential crisis sort of way. I don’t want to lose those now. But I can get by without them.
  • Amazon- this one is hard for most millennials to lose because of how much shopping we do there. Plus, they just bought Whole Foods and reduced the prices. I don’t want to lose lower Whole Foods prices now. But I can get by without them.

What we have left: Apple, Twitter, Google, Chick-fil-a

  • Reasons to keep Apple: I like their products
  • Reasons to get rid of Apple: I could probably get by without their products and use Android and Microsoft products without any real complications
  • Reasons to keep Twitter: It’s fun
  • Reasons to get rid of Twitter: Egg Bowl Twitter and all of their bad hot taeks and the constant toxic drain that twitter can be on a person’s life
  • Reasons to keep Google: what’s my alternative here, Bing?
  • Reasons to get rid of Google: probably the fact that they’re in the middle of taking over the internetz with their ever expanding influence upon our lives.
  • Reasons to keep Chick-fil-a: it’s delicious
  • Reasons to get rid of Chick-fil-a: Chick-fil-a sauce is overrated, sorry not sorry.

Three winners: Google, Twitter, Chick-fil-a

Sorry, Apple? I guess?