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SEC Power Rankings Week 1

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Stacking the SEC up from 1 to 14.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time again! The SEC football season cranks up full blast starting this Thursday when the Arkansas Razorbacks take on the Florida A&M Rattlers. So before we start the season, we’ll place where each team stands as they head into a new year.

There won’t be a ton of commentary on this version of the Power Rankings because no one has played a game yet. Also, I had to have some basis for stacking them, so I used the FWtCT predictions for the SEC. It’s not perfect, but it’s something.

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide

As usual, it’s National Championship or bust in Tuscaloosa.

#2 Florida Gators

I don’t think Florida is the second best team in the SEC, but based on the way votes are distributed for picking an East winner, they get be second for now.

#3 Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia is an interesting team to watch. Third seems a little high, but if their secondary can figure things out, they could be really good in 2017.

#4 Auburn Tigers

The Jarrett Stidham hype train is coming at you like a European bullet train. Will the Tigers live up to it, or will Jarrett Stidham be Jeremy Johnson 2.0? Time will tell.

#5 LSU Tigers

I don’t like LSU here at all, but they got the votes for third in the SEC West so here they are. I refuse to trust an Ed Orgeron coached team until they prove they can be trusted.

#6 Mississippi St. Bulldogs

This seems about right for the Bulldogs. Possibly a little high to start, but I’m good with the Bulldogs being at 6 to begin the season.

#7 Kentucky Wildcats

I believe the Wildcats will be improved in 2017, but 7 feels pretty high. The predictions I have seen for the Wildcats have been all over the place, so we’ll see how they do.

#8 Tennessee Volunteers

The hype train has completely left the station for the Vols and Butch Jones. After the debacle that was the 2016 season, no one seems to think Coach Jones will be around too much longer.

#9 South Carolina Gamecocks

There’s some dark horse talk for the Gamecocks and much of it starts with quarterback Jake Bentley. They’ll be an interesting team to watch this season.

#10 Arkansas Razorbacks

Bielema seems primed for another 6-6 or 7-5 kind of season.

#11 Texas A&M Aggies

There’s talk that the Aggies will have to win 9 or 10 games in 2017 to keep his job. If they have the year we predicted for the Aggies, then he won’t be around in 2018.

#12 Vanderbilt Commodores

They can make it to a bowl here though it won’t be easy.

#13 Missouri Tigers

I will be 100% honest and tell you I have no idea what the Tigers should do in 2017. They have a good quarterback in Drew Lock, but other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

#14 Ole Miss Rebels

Interim coach on a team that finished last in the West in 2016 and facing potentially program crippling sanctions. Maybe they rally together to try and spoil a bunch of teams seasons this year, but I’ll need to see evidence of it first.

Check back here after the first week of games to see how the SEC Power Rankings have changed.