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New Dudy Noble Field Update

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They are no longer just doing demo work on the baseball stadium.

Dudy Noble Field Master Plan Rendering

I’ve thought about doing some updates on the new Dudy Noble Field, but up until recently, the only pictures coming out of the project had been demo work. A few days ago, there were actual signs a baseball stadium was being built.

We now have a foundation for the new Dude! It’s a small step but it’s an important one nonetheless.

Up until this update, the only thing I had seen had been demo work going on. But now the demo work seems to be complete and they have moved on to actually building the new stadium and playing field.

Unless I have missed an update somewhere, the full project won’t be complete in time for this baseball season. The majority of the seating capacity will be done, but due to the large scale of the project, there will have to be some work completed at the conclusion of the 2018 Mississippi State baseball season.

I for one am eagerly awaiting the completion of the project. There has been so much discussion about whether or not the new field will match the old field, and I want to see what the final project will look like.

If you want to keep up with how the project is coming along, one of the best way to do so is to follow Head Coach Andy Cannizaro on Twitter. He has been sending out videos of the work being done on the project pretty frequently on his Twitter account. If you’re itching for a good place to find updates periodically, he would be a good place to start. We’ll send out some more updates as more work is done on the project.