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The Wednesday Whatever: Mississippi State Plays at Minnesota in 9 Years and I’m Planning My Road Trip Now

Mississippi State plays at Minnesota in almost a decade and I’m preparing for the game now.

NCAA Football: St. Petersburg Bowl-Miami (Ohio) at Mississippi State Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to The Wednesday Whatever, a weekly column published on the Wednesday of that week that talks about, well, Whatever. That Whatever is more or less somehow connected to Mississippi State.

Mississippi State plays football. That is something we can all agree upon, right? Great. Sometimes the team isn’t that great. That is also something we can all agree upon, right? Great.

Football is a sport that requires two teams. Sometimes that other team is a small time school that is in the same state as your favorite team. Sometimes that other team wants to be your rival but isn’t even in the same conference and really isn’t even that great and recently lost a TON of football games. Sometimes scheduling that team will upset fans and people on the internet.

I’m looking at you, facebook comment section.

Anyways, sometimes that other team involved in the game of football is a team that is located over 1,000 miles away from your favorite team. Such is the case with Mississippi State’s opponent on September 12, 2026.

Yup. MSU will travel about 1,000 miles to play the Minnesota Gophers on September 12, 2026, in case you didn’t know. And, seeing as many of your may be a bit upset at the fact that we’re playing Southern Miss this season, the only logical thing to do is to look ahead to the fact that we get to take a road trip up to Minnesota in 9 years.

And so, I’m starting to plan for that road trip.

I’ve already mapped it out.

Shoutout to Google Maps

And then I made a backup map that used some Satellite imagery for the basemap. I thought it might be helpful. Never hurts to be prepared.

Thanks, Google Maps.

I then went to look for a motel for that weekend. If you book early, you can get decent prices. But, apparently you can’t book a motel room for a weekend almost a decade away. Who knew?

Dang it, motels

This game is a bit of a long ways away. I’ve added a screenshot a nice little countdown clock to let me know exactly when that game will be. I don’t want to lose track of it and forget that I have a road trip to Minnesota coming up.

I like the little starfish. Feels appropriate for this game.

So, if you’re frustrated that Mississippi State will be playing Southern Miss in the future, just do what I’m doing and plan your road trip to Minnesota for 2026. It’s only nine years away. That’s not even a decade!