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Mississippi State Baseball Head Coach Andy Cannizaro Is a Good Field Goal Kicker

Andy Cannizaro is a very strong man that can do anything. Like kick field goals with ease.

Kelly Price: @HailStatePics

Mississippi State has had field goal issues over the past few years. We’ve, ummm, had some interesting moments over the past couple of seasons. I think that’s the nicest way that I can possibly put that.

Field goals have hurt my soul.

But, Andy Cannizaro, Mississippi State’s head baseball coach, is here to save the day! Cannizaro is a very strong individual. He could probably bench press the entirety of Mississippi State’s offensive line with ease. He can also kick 45 yard field goals and not have any doubt about the fact that they’ll go in.

Please, NCAA, let our baseball team’s head coach be our starting kicker. It’ll be fun for all parties involved, I promise. He’s very good at this. And also he’s good at phone doodles.

Look at this phone doodle.

Side note: I’m not entirely sure of what a phone doodle is.