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5 Takeaways: Dawgs Do It Again

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

I was going to start off with a pun, but it got blocked.

But more than, it is safe to say that Ruston, Louisiana is a weird, magical place. From 4 blocked kicks, to a PUNT on 4th and Goal, to fireworks at halftime, and some how the Dawgs blew ‘em out. In a game that made zero sense, here is what to take from the game.

#1: That defense is no joke.

NCAA Football: Houston at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest turn around by an assistant coach belongs to Todd Grantham. This defense is relentless, aggressive, hungry and so on. In 120 minutes of football, the defense has only allowed 21 points and 348 total yards. Now sure, the competition hasn’t been ranked opponents, but it hasn’t been bottom of the barrel. This year could just be special, and it will be led by this defense.

#2: #JefferySimmonsForHeisman

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

A blocked kick, a touchdown ,and a 90 yard scoop and score later, and yes, he most definitely is a Heisman canidate. Hey, @coachdanmullen please play him at TE next week. Thanks.

#3: The offense isn't perfect, but its pretty dang good.

99 points in two games isn't bad at all. Has Nick missed some throws. Yes. Has Nick missed enough throws to make you yell all the profanities at the TV. Yes. Has the run up the middle gotten annoying. Heck yes. But all and all, they have made the plays when necessary and played well 80% of the time. In matter of fact, we can play so well that if we play well 95% of the time next week, then I truly believe we can contend and beat LSU.

#4: The slow starts, yeah... they have to stop. Now.

This might be the biggest takeaway from the game. I firmly believe that the SEC is the best conference in football. And the boys just to happen to play in that best conference in football. A poor start in any of the rest of the games this season, and we will lose that game. You can’t start poor against the Tigers next week, and you definitely can’t do it in Athens. If you look back at our 2014 season, think back to how those games started. We rushed ahead of LSU, Auburn, and Texas A&M season. And we won those big games. Slow starts against Bama, Georgia Tech, and that other program... well we didn't win those. Come out like you did against Charleston Southern, and we can beat all but one team on that schedule.

#5: We were apart of the most entertaining game this week.

Lets review just for one second. Two blocked PAT’s. One was returned for a two point conversion. Did I mentioned a blocked punt too? Oh, might have been 30 unanswered points, and yeah a nose guard had two touchdowns. There was fireworks on and off the field. Don't forget about the punt on 4th and goal. Ever heard of a 3rd and 93? That happened too. But how did that happened? That is the best part.

Overall, the first quarter was definitely a Dawg fight. But then Nick gave ‘em Fitz. Jeffery showed he could play DE, DT, or maybe even TE. He is truly a Jock of All Trades. There isn’t much more to say, we simply just beat the hail out of ‘em. Until next week, dawg.