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Louisville Cardinal Fans React to Peter Sirmon Defense

Louisville fans learn what it is like to have Peter Sirmon coordinate their defense.

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Editor’s Note: This post involves screenshots that includes some strong language. If such things offend you, then you might not want to read on.

Remember over the summer when the Mississippi St. Bulldogs and Louisville Cardinals basically swapped Defensive Coordinators? Bulldog fans were elated, but to much of our surprise, so were Louisville fans.

In Lousiville’s two games this season, the Cardinals gave up 28 points to lowly Purdue, and their defense was torched by Brandon Harris for 35 points, the infamous former LSU quarterback who was beat out for the starting job by Danny Etling. But Louisville has Heisman winner Lamar Jackson, so the defense has a high potential for getting bailed out which has happened both weeks.

I decided to look at the comments being made about the defense for Louisville in the Card Chronicles’ Open Thread. Hoo boy, have they been given quite the eye opener. Here are some of the reactions to the defense.

That holding teams to three downs being followed up with a big ‘ol WELP? You might want to get used to that.

It took two games for the doubt to set in. And you might not can live with that bend but don’t break defense, but you better find a way to try.

The positives for Peter Sirmon bringing such bad defense to Louisville? Lamar Jackson will win a second Heisman because he will have to put up such huge numbers to bail the defense out each week?

A blitz would be nice. Good luck getting one.

Even when you think you make a stop, a dumb penalty extends the drive. And look, someone is already wishing they had Grantham back. No you can’t. He’s ours now.

There were plenty more to choose from, but I don’t have enough time to upload them all. If you want to see them all, head to the Open Thread I linked to at the top. It’s nice to not be on the end of Sirmon’s defense that gives up so much.