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Stand Up and Cheer

Living A Dream

I think we all had some dream we fantasized about as a child. A dream that we can close our eyes and picture what it would be like to live it out. Too often it slips away but if we are willing to keep the faith and work hard it is possible to sometimes reach those dreams. That is the case for the two members of the Coed Cheer Squad this week.

We want to introduce you to another set of coed cheer partners this week that through circumstances have been given the chance to cheer together and help each other grow as people and as leaders for the spirit program while living out their dream.

Meredith Selman is an 18 year old Freshman who grew up in tiny Monticello, Mississippi where she attended Lawrence County High School. Meredith is majoring in Elementary Education which she plans to obtain her first degree in before going for a master’s degree in speech pathology with a desire to one day become a speech therapist in an elementary school.

Meredith dreamed of becoming a Mississippi State cheerleader all of her young life. She was a member of her high school’s cheerleader team for four years and also competed with ACE Cheer Company for many years. Meredith says being a part of both of those teams helped develop her skills as a cheerleader and make her a more disciplined athlete. She gives her older sister kudos for pushing her to be her best in both cheer and life yet always standing firmly behind her.

Her best memories at Mississippi State so far are her first practices, getting to know her teammates then finally getting uniforms and realizing when she saw herself in the uniform, “I MADE IT!” Yes Meredith you did indeed but we are the lucky ones because of what you give us as you lead us.

You can follow Meredith at: Instagram: meredith_selman

Meredith’s partner at least part-time is Thomas Nazary. Thomas comes to Miss. St. from Leake Academy in Carthage, MS which is where he grew up at. He is 21 years old and is majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Clinical exercise physiology.

Thomas had cheered at East Central Community College before he transferred to Miss. St. He didn’t think he would have a chance to continue cheering but then Thomas heard that there was a shortage of guys trying out to cheer at State so entering his second year at Miss. St. he tried out and became a coed cheerleader for this year. Thomas understood it would take sacrifice and hard work to go to school full-time and cheer but he was use to that as he grew up on a farm. On a farm when something needs to be done there is not enough time to question it, it just has to happen so handling all those cows and chicken houses prepared him well for a busy schedule.

Thomas says his best memory so far at State was being in the junction at his first home game ever. When he graduates Thomas plans to work in Cardiac Rehab while trying to maintain a farm with some cattle. You have to love a country boy. Hey I’m one myself Thomas! That country living just does something for your heart and determination.

You can follow Thomas at:

Twitter: Tom_Naz12

Snap chat or other:

Instagram: Tom_Naz Snap chat: tom_naz

There was no photo of Thomas at this time but you will know him because he is the one out there displaying a special talent he has, WIGGLING his ears!

Support the DAWGS and when those ears wiggle you will know it is time to listen to Meredith as she leads us all to..............................................................