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The Wednesday Whatever: Mississippi State is Undefeated Against the State of Louisiana

MSU is undefeated. That is a fact. Will that trend continue? Maybe. I don’t know.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports


Mississippi State is undefeated. Let’s analyze those trends and stats and figure out what that means for the rest of the season:

  • Mississippi State is undefeated against teams from the State of Louisiana this season. That is an undeniable fact. It can not be disputed, no matter how hard you may try. The Bulldogs have beaten one of the universities that is from the state of Louisiana. If that trend continues, Mississippi State will beat LSU this weekend.
  • Mississippi State is undefeated against teams from South Carolina. That incredible stat predicts that Mississippi State might play another team from South Carolina this season. Could it be the University of South Carolina in the SEC Championship Game? Could it be Clemson in the playoffs? If both happen and this trend continues, MSU will beat them both.
  • Furthermore, Mississippi State is undefeated. They have won every single game that they have ever played in the year 2017, including the spring game. If that trend continues, MSU will win every game this year.

Okay, that was fun and all. Now let’s get on to something serious.


Erik Evans, manager of Roll Bama Roll, laid out this braggadocious statement on the twitters:

This is not a bad zombie apocalypse survival plans. After all, Harbor Freight has tons of nifty gadgets for a cheap price. They have some really cool deals and nice coupons. However, I have a far superior plan on how to survive the zombie apocalypse.

There are other possible good plans. Flying to Mars is one, but then you’re gonna be like Matt Damon in that one movie, and that may not be ideal. Marooning yourself on an island is another one. But then you’re gonna be like Tom Hanks in that one movie, and that may not be ideal.

My plan, is to create a new society. A new world. Within our world. I will create a colony of mole people. And we will thrive.


Probably not. Mole people are weird. Just check out Mole from Atlantis.

Also, I can’t handle that much geology in my life. Or, well, that much soil in my life.

Nick Fitzgerald Will Likely Need to Have Heisman Like Moments Against LSU for MSU to Win

You thought this was all going to be silliness, didn’t you?

Well, you were wrong.

Unless you weren’t wrong and this section is silly too.

Well, it isn’t.

Mississippi State will probably need Nick Fitzgerald to have the game of his life against LSU for the Bulldogs to win on Saturday. I say probably because, well, there are other potential possibilities that could lead to a Bulldog victory on Saturday night.

But the easiest path (and I don’t mean that it’ll actually be all that easy) to victory is for Fitzgerald to play as perfect of a game as he can to give State a realistic chance to win.

This is the game that launched Dak Prescott’s name into the eyes and ears of the nation back in 2014 after he threw for 268 yards and 2 touchdowns and ran for 105 more yards and another touchdown. And there were iconic moments like this:

Fitz will have the advantages of having a solid defense, a trio of good to great running backs, and some intriguing receiving threats at his disposal. He’ll have a home crowd that has his back.

He’ll also have to face one of the most talented teams in the nation. He’ll have to go score for score with Heisman hopeful Derrius Guice. He’ll have to avoid being pummeled by LSU’s imposing defensive front and terrifying pass rushers.

This won’t be an easy game. Especially so for him. However, State’s best chance at winning will come if Fitzgerald can cut through LSU’s offense routinely. Otherwise, you’re banking on the defense and the running game the carry the team.

And though I listed those as positives, I’m not sold just yet on their ability to take down the Tigers without great play from the quarterback position.

No pressure, Nick.