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A Vet to Be

This week is a week that we find out just how much we really have in us. Oh yes that is true for the entire football team and coaches but just as importantly it is true for all of us. For every student, every fan and every alumnus it is time to get the juices flowing. Stand together and stand firm in our support and faith in this team to get the job done. If you have been alive for the last three years you should learned that we can achieve at a high level in many sports, no ALL SPORTS! What our athletes and teams do has a lot to do with the support and excitement they feel from those of us who are behind them.

We have a dedicated group of cheerleaders that are students themselves. They go to class, study, practice long hours and many work part-time jobs to boot. They get out in front of us to do their best to be role models for little eyes and lead us to be loud and proud in our support of our athletes. They get practically nothing in support for what they sacrifice to do so YES folks, we need to get behind them and let them know we appreciate them so very much.

This week we want to introduce you to another member of the All-Girl Cheer squad. Miss Alexandra Hovan is a nineteen year old sophomore from Savannah, GA. Alexandra has her work cut out for her as she is a Poultry Science Pre-Vet student. I can remember taking a couple of classes in the old Poultry Science building where the volleyball gym now is. The chickens that died in our labs would feed the state of Florida right now.

Alexandra attended Robert S. Alexander High School but her cheer life began at age 4. She has always been very passionate about cheering and driving herself to be very good at all the skills required. “Training in the gym every day to prepare for tryouts definitely pushed me to do my best. The work to get here was hard and stressful, but the effort and work paid off in the end by being chosen to represent Mississippi State University as a member of the cheer team and therefore giving me the privilege to be an ambassador for the school”.

Alexandra credits her parents for being an enormous influence in her life as they have staunchly supported her through cheer, school and life. She says they have always been there to encourage and lift her up. She knows that when life is good and when life presents struggles she can trust her parents to be there for her and have faith in her to overcome and succeed. When Alexandra graduates with her BS degree she plans to enroll in Mississippi State’s College of Veterinary Medicine. I am willing to bet she makes it all the way!

Alexandra has been able to put a lifetime memory into her treasure chest of memories as a Miss. State cheerleader. You see, Alexandra was there in Oklahoma cheering as the MSU Lady Dawgs competed in the Women’s Final Four and defeated UConn last spring. Alexandra has without a doubt become a part of history at Miss. St. There is no doubt she understands what it takes to get the emotional level up enough to stand up and overcome the doubters, to help a group of athletes achieve a level of success that the world says they can’t accomplish.

So when you see Alexandra around campus let her know how much we appreciate her and all of her teammates. Saturday morning when SEC Nation invades campus ring your bell loud and true then Saturday night follow Alexandra’s lead as she helps us to achieve a new level of spirit for Mississippi State and GET FIRED UP!!!!

With the Spirit Groups help we need to make the ground shake and bring intimidation to LSU. WE will get this done Saturday just like we got it done in 2014 and in Oklahoma with our Lady Dawgs.

You can follow Alexandra at:

Instagram: Alexandra_j3

Twitter: Alexandra Hovan