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The Friday Fun: Mississippi State vs LSU Might Be Fun

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports


You’ve heard of The Wednesday Whatever. Some people like it. Some people kinda like it. Some people don’t. My friend, Matt, likes reading it. So much so that while he was bored in class, he said that he wanted me to write another column.

Naturally, I asked for permission. Which, believe it or not, actually doesn’t come all that naturally to me.

And I got that permission.

So, well, here we are. What am I going to write about? Who knows. Oh, wait. I kinda do. Maybe.

Always go to Chris Stapleton concerts if you are able to do so

Chris Stapleton is a good musician. Well, actually. Let me back track. He’s a phenomenal songwriter and lyricist. His words weave iconic tapestries of sound that envelop your mind in bliss. Stapleton’s one-of-a-kind voice is a vehicle that takes your soul to undiscovered lands.

He’s a good musician. And, if you’re given the opportunity to go see him, you should. Now, why do I bring this up? Well, it’s because of our friend, Alex. Alex writes for us here at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls, and he’s a very talented writer. And he’s trying to make a decision. And it’s between a Stapleton concert and... Homecoming?

Wait... Yeah. It’s between that concert and Homecoming.

I fail to see how this is a tough choice. Homecoming is a very unique thing. It’s not quite good and it’s not quite bad. Morgan Freeman directed it, and so it has...


Not THAT Morgan Freeman. It has Morgan J. Freeman, born in 1969 (nice) in Long Beach, California directing it. Well... Huh.

But, back on track, as a movie, it’s really not that loved by critics, but then again, many Indie films aren’t. It’s a horror movie with an uninspiring plot and...


He’s not talking about the 2009 movie, is he?

Oh. Yeah. Go to the Stapleton concert anyway, man.

If not now, when does Mississippi State beat LSU?

This was actually a question that was posed to Daniel Black and I for our podcast, For Whom the Podcast Tolls. And it’s one that I found to be incredibly intriguing and thought provoking, but also slightly depressing.

2015 was the perfect chance for Mississippi State to start a winning streak against LSU, though that meager streak would’ve been decimated in 2016. However, the Bulldogs couldn’t capitalize on having Dak Prescott at the helm and came away with a devastating 21-19 loss. A loss that could’ve been avoided. A loss that should’ve been avoided.

And that, arguably, was the best chance for Mississippi State to beat LSU in more than a decade, not counting a year prior in 2014. That game might honestly have been the best chance that Mississippi State has for quite some time.

This doesn’t mean that MSU doesn’t have a chance now, they absolutely do. And that doesn’t mean that they won’t have chances in the future, they just aren’t a sure thing. It’s very possible that, come next year, the Bulldogs will have the depth and experience to do what they did in 2014. After all, they’ll have 33 seniors in 2018, assuming the status quo doesn’t change.

But other than that, when will Mississippi State have a realistic chance to beat the Bayou Bengals? When can State triumph over LSU on the gridiron?

If MSU wants to erase all doubt in my mind, and the minds of others, and set a different trajectory going forward, they’ll have to win tomorrow night. Because, if not now, than when?