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Mississippi State vs Charleston Southern Game Day News and Notes


NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports


Cool MSU Stuff Around the Internetz:

Andy Cannizaro is good at kicking field goals:

FWtCT In Case You Missed It News:

JK’s Week 1 Best/Worst/Bold Prediction- May I present you a lovely excerpt from this lovely article?

According to the great, scientifically-respected website Wikipedia, Charleston Southern is a Christian school in North Charleston, SC. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Charleston Southern does not offer a Geography degree.

Go read JK’s work. It’s good work.

I wrote about Andy Cannizaro kicking field goals- It’s pretty much just the clip you saw above though. But you should read my commentary anyway. It’s nice commentary.

It’s Always Sunny in Starkville: Three things the Bulldogs must do and Three Things the Bulldogs can’t do- Justin Strawn’s podcast on Bulldog Sports Radio is always worth listening to. He outlines what the Bulldogs need to do to have a successful season throughout the entire season.

Get Fired Up and Stand Up and Cheer- T-Dawg has a couple of series going on right now where he provides profiles of the cheerleaders. It’s always cool to hear people’s stories and how they ended up where they are.

Let’s Help Hurricane Harvey Victims, For Whom the Cowbell Tolls- We, as a Mississippi State community can do some good here. Let’s help Hurricane Harvey Victims.

Music time:

Jamestown Revival’s Love Is a Burden

I’ve shared their music with y’all before, roughly a year ago. It was exactly this song that I shared with y’all. By far, one of my favorite bands, Jamestown Revival has a very unique sound that has a blend of influences and genres to it. From rock to red dirt country and over to Americana and folk, their music picks up many different styles and is truly their own.

Chris Stapleton’s Broken Halos

I am ride or die for Chris Stapleton and his music. I have a lyric from his song “Traveller” tatted on my left arm, which we can discuss at a later time alongside the importance that the particular lyric has. If, for whatever reason, you’ve never heard of Stapleton, I’m assigning the above song as mandatory listening material.