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Dawgs vs Dawgs could be Dawgs vs Tigers 2.0

Previewing round 2 of Bulldogs versus Bulldogs.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

As the Mississippi St. Bulldogs Football team gears up for a visit between the Hedges to face the Georgia Bulldogs Football team, it’s strange that this game is eerily similar to the one we just dominated on Saturday, at least on paper.

Looking at LSU compared to UGA they are very similar with their football philosophies. They want to run the ball down your throat with Nick Chubb and Sony Michel (Guice and D. Williams). They enjoy using their tight end Nauta (Moreau) to block find space in their play action game down the middle. They have athletic WRs who are rarely called upon in their scheme but when the do it’s usually for big plays. A talented QB is called to manage the game and not turn the ball over whether it’s Fromm or Eason (Etling). They have 4 and 5 star talent all along their defensive and offensive front. They have a great defensive scheme orchestrated by a brilliant defensive mind in Smart (Aranda). See what I did there?

While some are concerned about the mental and physical toll it takes to beat a team like LSU, then turning right around and playing a physical UGA team, which is true; Dan and his coaches should be keeping a lot of the same game plans in place from last weekend. Our guys shouldn’t be over thinking this game from a scheme standpoint. Same strategy, different color jersey. I anticipate Dan will lean on his run game to control both the tempo of the game and the ball in a tough road environment. He should be fairly conservative in his play calling early and take the points he is given (see new shiny toy Jace Christmann). Let Todd Grantham, who has coached between to the Hedges many times, unleash his defensive pressure on either a Freshman QB in Fromm or a rusty Jacob Eason. If all goes to plan, we can force the UGA QB out of his comfort zone and maybe cause a turnover; then, BOOM hit them with a play action deep ball right after the turnover to put this baby away. Does all this sound fairly familiar?

When our Dawgs take the field Saturday night in Athens, the only real difference they should notice is the fans will be wearing a lot more red and black around them as opposed to maroon and white. Other than that, just stick to the game plan that worked to perfection against LSU and let’s walk out with a road W.