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SEC Power Rankings: Week 5

Stacking up the SEC from 1 to 14.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the SEC teams have played 13 of their schedule and the cream is starting to rise to the top. So who is for real and who is going to be an also ran? Here’s how I am ranking the SEC so far.

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide (Last Week: 1)

So, they’re still head and shoulders above the rest of the SEC. Water is wet and the sky is blue.

#2 Georgia Bulldogs (Last Week: #3)

As of right now, they are the clear number 2 team in the SEC. Based on the first four weeks of the season, It’s Bama, then Georgia, then everyone else.

#3 Auburn Tigers (Last Week: #8)

Am I convinced about Auburn? No, but the Tigers did win easily, even if it was against a really bad team. But they looked better than almost anyone else who you could make an argument for to go here. As of right now, 3 through 9 is a jumbled mess and I am not really sure which team is better than the others at this point.

#4 Florida Gators (Last Week: #9)

Florida has found themselves in the SEC Championship the past two seasons, and there really has been no logical explanation for it. While I think Georgia will make it this year, Saturday’s game against Kentucky makes me start to think it will happen for a third straight season. I don’t think Florida belongs here, but I honestly don’t know where else to put them.

#5 Kentucky Wildcats (Last Week: #4)

Kentucky probably should have won their game against Florida, but Florida just has their number. I could have put a few teams here, but for now I’lll give the Wildcats the nod.

#6 Mississippi St. Bulldogs (Last Week: #2)

Well that was ugly. Bulldogs have work to do in the receiving game if they are wanting to make 2017 one to remember.

#7 South Carolina Gamecocks (Last Week: #6)

South Carolina “won” this week against Louisiana Tech, a team Mississippi State pounded into submission.

#8 LSU Tigers (Last Week: #7)

LSU “won” this week over a really not good Syracuse team that was threatening throughout most of the game.

#9 Vanderbilt Commodores (Last Week: #5)

Remember the Vanderbilt player that said Alabama was next? That wasn’t a smart thing to say.

#10 Tennessee Volunteers (Last Week: #10)

Tennessee also “won” against a bad UMass team. (Please don’t let this come back to bite me when Mississippi State plays UMass in November)

#11 Ole Miss Rebels (Last Week: #13)

Ole Miss gets bumped up a few spots without playing simply because there is no way either Arkansas or Texas A&M deserve to be higher than any team besides Missouri

#12 Texas A&M Aggies (Last Week: #12)

Texas A&M let a bad Arkansas team score 43 points and was behind for much of the game. This doesn’t get you moved up. Somehow though, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Aggies find a way to win all of their games between now and their game against Alabama and then start the collapse all over again.

#13 Arkansas Razorbacks (Last Week: #12)

Arkansas has the early lead for worst team in the SEC West. They just aren’t good right now.

#14 Missouri Tigers (Last Week: #13)

My goodness are they awful.

That’s this week’s rankings. We’ll be back at it next week.