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T-DAWG’s Winners

Week 5 SEC Predictions

Gallery Photo: 2013: Mississippi State's sports year, in pictures

Well things didn’t go as scripted last Saturday in Athens. What kind of team are we? I think the answer to that lies somewhere between how we played against LSU and against Georgia. I don’t think LSU is as “soft” as we made them to be but Georgia sure looked pretty good. How good are they actually? Time will tell just as it will with us. We have to find something in ourselves now and we can still reach a really good season but it starts this Saturday on the plains of Auburn.

Last week I went 6-2 bringing the 4 week total to 36 - 10

Now for this week’s predictions:

New Mexico St. @ Arkansas — Another brand of Aggies arrives in Fayetteville looking to pick up a load of pork for a big barbecue back down in the mountains of New Mexico. These Aggies just may have more bite than last weeks brand. They stand at 2-2 on the year with a win over UTEP last week 41-14. They lost really close games with Troy (3 pts.) and Arizona St. (6 pts.). Arkansas is at a break point. They have to win or Bret’s boys may start collapsing inward. I told you last week that there ain’t never been a hog to ride a horse and the point was proven when A&M pulled the saddle out from under them leaving them hanging with another loss. The Porkers better get their tusks sharpened and make a plan to divide and conquer or this season is going to be real long for Bret. This game is actually a 50/50 game but I have to side with the bacon.

T-DAWG’s Winner - Arkansas 32 - 28

Vanderbilt @ Florida — The Gators have found some of Tennessee’s pixie dust from last season with two miracle wins in a row. The Gators must feel like they are part cat with 9 lives of luck on their side. The Commodores had grand dreams of dancing pachyderms in their heads last week but them pachyderms fell hard on them squishing the very heart out of them as they lost 59 - 0 to Bama. Coach Mason had to pick his chin up off the ground when the Crimson Tide turned into a tsunami that sunk his boat. It reminded me of the the movie “Tora, Tora, Tora” when the Japanese Admiral said after bombing Pearl Harbor, “I fear we awoke a sleeping giant”. Vandy got their ego crushed and I’m not sure going gator hunting is in their best interest right now. Coach would be smart to turn his boats back to the north and sail away from the swamp as fast as he can.

T-DAWG’s Winner - Florida 26 - 20

Georgia @ Tennessee — The Volunteers have decided to open a dog park after their exploration with the shooting gallery last week nearly did them in. Butch figures the dog park is much less dangerous to their health than dodging the bullets of the Minutemen of UMass. The Georgia Dawgs will most definitely hunt and once they get the scent there is no calling them off. When they arrive in Knoxville, Butch will try to escort them to the park but they will quickly catch the scent of blood in the air. Yeah Butch got a win last week but it didn’t look like what the Big Orange faithful are use to or expected. The Gators took a chunk of meat out of Old Smokey and after UGA gets down and dirty Smokey may be running for cover.

T-DAWG’s Winner - Georgia 41 Tennessee 13

E. Michigan @ Kentucky — The Eagles aren’t flying so high after the Ohio Bobcats pulled their flight feathers last week. Mark Stoops spent all day Sunday spitting trying to get the bad taste of another Florida loss out of his mouth. That taste will not go away though and will take root like a cancer in the gums until next year IF he has a next year. The “Blue-Grass” boys will either have a case of depression and will wallow around in the Kentucky mud against the Eagles or they will feel a little on the pissed-off side and rip them birds to shreds to release some pent up anger. Stoops wants to get a lot of stomping done the next two weeks before Starkville comes on the radar.

T-DAWG’s Winner - Kentucky 45 - 14

Troy @ LSU — Neal Brown is one of the best and youngest coaches that will be sought after by many schools after this season. He recruits well even at Troy and motivates to the utmost. The Trojans are playing decent but not on fire by any means. It seems like every year they go to a top level team and give them all they want. Last year Troy lost to Clemson in the last couple of minutes and outplayed the National Champs. Orgeron is trying to get his Bengal Tigers straightened out before a trip to the Swamp comes around. Syracuse gave them a belly full of orange last week. Saturday night he will find a Trojan horse sitting out on the field when he leads his purple people eaters in. If Coach “O” doesn’t recognize the danger in time his boys might be slain this time. I think this goes down to the last minute.

T-DAWG’s Winner - LSU 29 - 24

South Carolina @ Texas A&M — The Gamecocks loaded up in crates to visit Aggie Land for a vacation. Last week the Gamecocks had to keep throwing their spurs at La. Tech until the pup dogs gave in. The Aggies needed their 12th, 13th AND a 14th man to overcome the Porker Cowboys last week. Sumlin knows he better find a way to recruit some men out of the stands this week to help grab the yard birds if his team wants a chicken in every pot for Sunday lunch. He also has already felt the ground shaking at the approaching herd of red elephants headed his way next week so filling their bellies now is at the utmost importance. Will Muschamp’s flock has some ideas of their own and a sharp young quarterback named Bentley who can make it fly. Feathers will fly in this one as well but I’m betting the Aggies get at least one eye pecked out.

T-DAWG’s Winner - South Carolina 35 -31

TSUN @ Alabama — Shea Patterson and his Black Bears had the week off before going to T-Town. After taking a trip to the west coast looking for Valley girls Shea and crew caught the first flight out back to the crib. Coach Luke still isn’t sure where his defense went and has had search parties out all week looking for the lost cubs. Saban’s men woke up from a deep slumber last week and had no problems with a little rolling water in Nashville as they turned Coach Mason’s out-classed crew inside out and back. The Commodores are still trying to figure out what hit them. When this game is done Saban will have to get the field refurbished because much of it will be embedded in Shea Patterson’s jersey as he is skull dragged through Bryant-Denny.

T-DAWG’s Winner - Alabama 52 - 13

Miss. St. @ Auburn — Our DAWGs had it handed to them last week in Athens and there is not any way you can really disguise that. The DAWG Pound Defense of State seemed to be chained in place at Georgia and somebody put Vaseline on our receivers gloves so every pass just slipped right through their hands. AWburn took a trip to Columbia to check out an arcade when the winnings were easy to grab. Malzahn brought his bus back to College and Magnolia as they sang happy songs all the way home then went to the Waffle House for a victory dinner. After two breathers the last two weeks he will seek to have his Tiggers ready to face the DAWGS. This game will have a lot to say about who will challenge Bama in the west. Expect a DAWG fight and if I’m going to be in a DAWG fight I would rather be a DAWG than a wounded Eagle.

T-DAWG’s Winner - Miss. State 34 - 21

Each week the picture becomes clearer and the pecking order gets more defined. Be proud, be faithful, keep believing and most of all keep being a DAWG!